NHS model

The Guardian, that bastion of the faux left, the acceptable face of the billionairre owned media according to Starmer and his band of saboteurs, published a headline claiming there is no longer any trust in the NHS.
Let’s put this into context.

You have a restaurant with a world class chef. The best sous chefs and an amazing front of house team.
The owners son comes along, as a new manager, and without letting his parents know, he takes away the state of art cookers, replaces them and the fridges with salvage ones from a local tip, he tells the sous chefs and front of house that some of them will have to leave not only the restaurant but the town, he then employs through a company he set up himself, a team of unskilled workers on minimum wage and zero hours contracts. He also sets another company up to sell the restaurant food he himself sources not from the fresh daily markets but from the discount store down the road, yet ensures the restaurant still pays him top price.
The owners still do not know any of this, but have noticed a drop in custom. 

The son by now has ridded his 2001 Ford Focus and is driving around in a 2022 Bentley. 

He now sells off the carpark to another firm he has set up and builds a new restaurant on part of it, but charges customers to his parents £5 to park in the remainder. 

He then employs the original sous chefs that he sacked, to work in his new restaurant but on half their original salary. The prices in his new restaurant are ten times that of his parents restaurant, and after stealing their chef by offering him a higher salary and a company car he also sets up a recipe call line, where the chef writes out some basic meal plans and a call handler sits with a list of food to provide a recipe to those who cannot get a table, ringing in on a premium rate number.

The parents restaurant now is failing, people still having to eat there because they cannot afford the prices of the sons restaurant. But now their choice is for substandard and rotten food, but all the wealthy folk of the town pay top dollar for the food the parents restaurant used to serve. 

The parents still don’t know what’s going on and this their manager son is doing a fabulous job for them despite the hard times.

That is the Conservative Government’s NHS and public service model.

See its simple.

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I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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