Why it’s not ALM yet!

OK the statue of a slaver was a good move as a one off. Now however it’s been done. Use your brains and look at new ways to focus people to the cause and not alienate them.
Maybe think about researching which individuals and companies wealth is based upon the slave trade.
I am not adverse to direct action but make it count. One statue is symbolic, all the statues becomes a focus for your opposition to attack you.
Making it difficult for modern firms to profiteer from slavery is far more beneficial to BLM than just keeping on keeping on.
Explain to people why it’s called Black Lives Matter, explain they matter because black people all over the world are oppressed before they are even born.
That black people make up more people living in abject poverty in the UK but also in the world as a whole, that by being black you are far more likely to be treated as a criminal upon first sight by a police officer and even far more likely to be found guilty by a judge, magistrate or jury, despite burden of proof not being met.
That if you are born black you are more likely even today to be a slave than a white person
You are also more likely to live in a ghetto, a dumping ground, and far more likely to be ignored when it comes to human rights on a world stage.
If you are defined as black you still are disadvantaged in getting a job in the UK and globally you may get little or no education.
If you are black in some parts of the world companies even now see your lives as worthless, Nestlé for one deliberately giving out free baby milk in Africa so that once the mothers milk has dried up they depend upon the powdered milk even when the water supply is not fit for human consumption, then its no longer free. Sound familiar? How drug gangs operate?
You are more likely to be used in drugs trials often without consent or even knowledge.

Your cause of death is far more likely to be based upon poverty and social class.
You are more likely to work for pennies whilst the companies profiteer from your labour by selling for hundreds of pounds an item they paid you 20p equivalent to produce.
Now I am not black, I am told I am white, I would love to be just defined as a human being, but until everyone truly is, then I cannot.
All forms of discrimination are vile, I am disabled and truly now understand that. However, no other discrimination truly exists before your parents even meet.
Think on that. That is why Black Lives Matter, why it’s not about all lives mattering, there is a difference, if you don’t want there to be a difference then work towards ending racism and all discrimination. Then you can scream that all lives matter and be right.


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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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