Crisis morality

Just to be clear, taking multiple or even one item at a time of national crisis from a home or even car or shop may be interpreted as looting. That is something you don’t want to be accused of on the streets. If the police don’t get to you the people may well do and that will not end good for you or your mates if they are with you.
Hoarding is so far not illegal but is immoral and callous you may find yourself in very real danger now as the rest of society have lost patience with your behaviour. A Range Rover, Audi, BWW or even a transit won’t offer much safety even if you get that far. Public opinion of greed and selfishness is changing rapidly.
We are a country of over 65 million, with a few hundred thousand police and not that many soldiers to protect those identified as stealing from the mouths of children, families. disabled, elderly, vulnerable, emergency or essential civilian or military personnel. That’s even if they bother to even try.
So my advice to the hoarders, thieves, profiteers, bullies and looters who I affectionately call scum is stop now, give back big time to your communities then dissappear til this is long over.
If your home is full of food and essentials and people start to starve even a shotgun or personal security may not be enough to keep you safe.
Now I am not threatening anyone here nor inciting folk, I am advising those immoral wrong doers to rethink and make amends.
And as a foot note to those shop keepers profiteering, it will be remembered by your communities. So think on. Money is not the greatest driving force when people are at risk.

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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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