The Fight Begins

With this election coming up the Establishment are desperate to ensure that Labour do not get in.

The Conservatives, Lib-Dems, Brexit Party, whoever Farage calls himself, and a number of the more inconsequential parties are working to ensure the Establishment, the Rich, the Corporations and their minions continue to hold onto power at any cost.

These people are so desperate they are paying people with no affiliation other than financial to discredit the Labour Party. There will be all sorts of dirty tricks from slurs to open threats, to more allegations and lies.

These people and all the Establishment controlled media will focus their broadsides upon us. They will rewrite the facts to suit their own flawed arguments. They will tell us ‘Labour did…. ‘ and reel out all sorts of crap. They will tell you Labour created Austerity, which they did not. New Labour firstly was neo-Liberal, not the Socialist party we have made it once more, it supported the Establishment under Blair. He was a prime minister with no conviction, a career politician who saw opportunity and went for it. Blair was and is as greedy as any Tory, his links to the Establishment are now truly visible. Brown did lean a little toward the left but after taking over from Blair his hands were sullied and tied. Even given this New Labour did not cause Austerity. Yes they were responsible for trying to bail out the Establishment, due to the bankers betting our money for personal gain and losing. It was corruption here and abroad. The argument was that if the banks went under our economy would suffer. And sadly despite us paying out a huge amount it still suffered, yet within weeks the bankers even of the so called failing banks were paying themselves huge bonuses from our pockets. Note the banks have not offered to bail out our economy and prevent the lie that is Austerity.

It was however still not Labour that brought in Austerity measure, yes some cuts were made but The Conservatives under Cameron were very much the ones that designed the Austerity measures. Osborne was the chief architect of Austerity.

Austerity was not about sorting out the economy, it was absolutely and only about greed and profiteering. The arguments were that New Labour were taking Britain into huge debt, but at this point its worth noting that the debt now under 9yrs of Tory control is beyond anything Labour in any incarnation caused. The plan was simple, to run down public owned services to such a point that they could not function, then under the guise of rescuing them bring in back door privatisation, using companies set up and run by friends, families and even members of the Conservative Government. Their plan has so far worked perfectly for them, even though it is likely at least a quarter of a million of our friends and families have died through their measures and the subsequent attacks on the sick, disabled and vulnerable.

They have scapegoated these people to blame them and not the rich for the cuts and money being bled out of our economy. ‘scroungers’ defrauding the benefit system you pay for. The scary thing is people believe this twaddle.
Well I can say clearly now, I had a career, I got ill. My career was well paid and rewarding. It was pretty much my life. I now am one of those so called scroungers, I seemingly happily gave up my self worth, respect and financial stability to be sat all day in a council bungalow with no way to see a future. Rubbish, being upon entitlements, these are not benefits, is not a choice for anyone. And the fight to get enough to exist, never mind live has caused so many to give up.

But as with everything this government and their supporters do, it’s easy to divide us by laying blame on those who cannot fight back.
Under Austerity we are losing the NHS, we are losing state control of public services. We are losing or rather through huge levels of government run fraud being stripped of our assets and stolen from.
All this is bad enough but then comes Brexit.

Brexit was a stroke of genius and at the same time the most foolish thing any government could do.

Brexit is only about tax and fraud. It is not about Britain regaining some control the likes of you and me never had, its not about national pride, its not about flag waving or even the racism and hate its caused. It is only about two things, its about greed and dividing the masses further.

Cameron was pushed into a public referendum which we must note was never a binding vote, to divert us from the implications of Austerity, the corruption of his government and family, it was as far as he was concerned a public relations tactic, and he unlike his real masters misread the mood of the country.

At that point the EU had been blamed for all sorts of ridiculous things in the British press and sadly today’s society gets more irate at the prospect of a straight cucumber than at their neighbour dying of hyperthermia because they could afford to put on the gas. Yes the EU discussed some pathetic things but no one pointed out our government did the same throughout history. They also did not push the achievements of the EU such as the human rights act, employment rights and the other protections brought in due to huge moves forward within what was in our minds a community. Now the EU is flawed, I am not a huge supporter of it as it is now, but with work and a change of direction, that may be coming it could make Europe the greatest non martial society the world has seen. Maybe that’s just a pipe dream but sadly now we likely will never know. Britain is even more flawed, we now have the most corrupt and possibly cruel government on earth. Granted we do not yet have soldiers controlling our streets but the legislation is there for it to happen. We don’t have mass graves but we have paupers graves a plenty. We are the fourth, fifth or sixth richest country depending on what day you are reading this, yet we have people dying of starvation on our streets.

Brexit was built on outright lies, not fibs but lies. Most people didn’t vote but those that did generally picked sides and stuck to them. Sadly I wasn’t one of these. I voted to remain but could easily have voted out too. When the result came in the government and even the ‘Leave’ leaders were shocked and had no plan. The establishment however rubbed their hands with glee. Why? Because they knew the tax legislation (laws) being brought in by the EU would not only cost them money (their god) but expose the massive fraud and corruption they are responsible for.
So now instead of focusing upon this, upon the results of Austerity we argue over passport colour.

The level of desperation the Establishment now are at at is beyond comprehension. They know Brexit or not, if Labour get in their profiteering will be culled more effectively than any badger population they murdered. They realise if they are exposed the country and yes maybe their world will change. They may lose their power and control for the first time since the world saw it happen in 1917.

Now they wil try calling us all sorts. Anti this or anti that, but they will also claim we are radical communists. We are not. Communism is a utopian dream the the human species is not yet ready for, and may never be, we are socialists, we fight not for equality in everything, but fairness and morality. Equal chances, resources and safety nets. No one suggests a bus driver (which I was one many years ago) be paid the same as a surgeon. But why should a banker be paid more than any nurse or even nursing auxiliary? Why put more faith in money and power than in people. Why do we as a society have more off licences than youth clubs and parks? Yet we then blame kids for being ferral when often they are just kids.
There are so many real reasons we need to win this election, the environment, social housing, public services, health services the list is endless, but my driving force is simply to leave our children, the future, a country and a planet with hope and yes fair chances. Its that simple to me.

So we will be battered, we will be discredited, we will be attacked on social media and personally. We will be lied to and called out, criticised and threatened. We need to stay strong. We can win this and frankly we have to win this. So take heart my friends the fight, the real fight has begun.

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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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