Just how can a country with so little remaining industry and produce intend to trade competitively against China, Africa, India, Russia and almost anywhere else?

We cannot match the USA for production or even cost.
All our truly profitable companies are registered abroad so the UK does not even reap the taxation benefits.
The biggest representative sector of retail on the High streets are charity shops. Followed by monopolies such as Tesco, Asda (American owned) Lidl and Aldi also overseas owned.
The coal industry was destroyed by the Tories, Ship building destroyed by the Tories (most new naval contracts are given to overseas companies with no base in the UK). Aero industry such as BAE, now ignored due to their partnerships with EU countries, so guess what? We are importing sub standard American planes instead of updating and developing our own.
Folk still believe Brexit will bring about a proud, self governing nation, they are blind to the fact that once it happens we will be feeding on American scraps offered with conditions far more severe to our independence than the EU ever demanded.
Brexit will not save the UK from control it will leave us even more subjugated but by America not Europe. The USA already have threatened to ensure that if we democratically elect Jeremy Corbyn they will intervene to ensure he does not take up the position of Prime Minister.
The Tories know things are going to get truly bad here, that’s why for the last two years the army including the paras have been undertaking training to deal with civil unrest on British streets.
Ireland is already close to returning to the division of the last century. And this seems just to be collateral damage for the Tories.
You will gain nought from Brexit. The suggested restrictions on immigration firstly has no bearing on illigal immigration, because its illegal it will continue or even grow under a Brexit Britain. Secondly there will be fare more refugees because we will be even more tied in to America’s financial imperialism and invasion tactics. More bombing of innocents in the name of oil and minerals.
The immigrants that we need to function as a society will not be allowed in so no NHS or even education. No research and development. No sharing of tech. The USA guards its tech advances with strict conditions.
We will be dependent on USA pharma companies or paying three to for times as much if any European companies decide to trade with us.
The thing is I am being ‘conservative’ with this commentary. Things may be even worse. We will have fewer individual rights and almost none as a society. The Tories are determined to end the welfare state. There will be no safety net for any of us.
It’s not that hard to imagine us being refugees, trying to escape to better lives away from the UK.
Have a think, what do you think the positives of Brexit are, for you? Will you suddenly get better jobs? More money? Better homes? Cheaper food? Cheaper Holidays? Better health? Better education? I seriously think not.
What will you gain honestly?
The entire Brexit fiasco was based on fraudulent lies. And now the worst perpetrators of those dishonest antics is our Prime Minister! You couldn’t make this crap up.
Proud to be British? Can you eat pride? Will it keep you warm? Safe? Will it protect your families? I doubt it.
But seemingly so many seem to see Brexit as a good idea. I would call us cattle but no they at least get fed before slaughter.
Think on.
Jonesy Jones

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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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