OK here’s a little truth Jonesy style. In years gone by the rulers of this country, the royals, aristocracy, land owners, and business needed us. We were the workforce, the infrastructure, the people that made them powerful, made thir lives comfortable and luxurious and made their money.

The world has moved on. In the UK there is now little industry, tech has taken over from people in manufacturing, farming, even the service industry. Our roles are fast dying out. The wealthy and super rich have almost stripped Britain of all its assets. The infrastructure should be more aimed at controlling and supporting the poor and vulnerable, however that costs profits, that limits the money they (the rich) can leech from us, we now are no longer useful, we are becoming a nuisance to them. Our lives drain their ability to profiteer. Most of us are now but a measuring stick of the gap between the poor, and the super, no mega rich.
These people but cars worth more than your entire road, sail boats worth more than your village, they own islands even small countries.

They own us.

Are you in any debt? If so they own you. Do you rent your home? If so you are at their mercy. Do you still have a job? If you do then even if its in the NHS or local government you work for them.

Talking of the NHS, they want it destroyed, we do not deserve health. Our lives are valueless and more so each day to these people.

I was brought up believing life was worth more than any amount of money, to our parents we usually are, but to those in control we are actually better off dying. They believe the world is theirs.

Do they fight their wars for wealth, oil, profit, land and power? No our sons and daughters do. They die for the profiteering of arms, oil and mineral companies.

It really is this simple. Try going in a bar or restraint frequented by these vile bastards, see how they look at you, treat you, feel their contempt and amusement. You, we are just entertainment to them. Playthings.

Why do with have no industry? Because we are crap at making things? No the reverse. We are a brilliantly innovative society, or were, but there was more profit in asset stripping. There is more profit in buying and selling shares in foreign companies, offshore tax havens than there is in managing British industry. There is more profit where the labour has no rights. Oh no why do the Tories want to scrap the human rights act, the workers rights, destroy the unions?

It really is that simple. This commentary scratches the surface of the real Britain, the real world, but you need to understand this, see it as the truth in order to open your eyes and minds to today’s reality.

The mega rich and powerful are not lizards or aliens, they are simple evolution of greed, violence and a public school elitist education system designed to trap the masses in poverty and hardship.

Think about your world the little distractions they grant you in order to take away your motivation, the lies they feed you to distract your focus, the divisions they deliberately build between families, communities, races, culture. Whilst your hating your neighbour you are not seeing the damage these human vultures are doing as they strip your carcasses of every shred of humanity.

We need to be the generation of the turning worm. We need to reject their claim to power. We need to recognise what they are and what they do.
Why do you think they hate the idea of socialism why do the cling on to newspapers in an electronic world? Often running them at a loss?

Please please open your eyes to the truth. This is our world, and it wil be even worse for our children and theirs unless we make a stand.

Thank you for reading, please have a think.

JONESY (Human being)

MP’s treason and corruption

Any MP of any party that accepts money. Gifts or holidays from a foreign government or security agency must be regarded as a potential security risk and investigated for treason.

These MP’s need holding to account and to be seen as undermining democracy. As such once such a relationship is identified they should be removed from their position and be prevented and excluded from holding public office again. Cash and goods should be seized and passports revoked for convicted offenders.
These investigations should be independent of parliamentary or government control. A Seperate autonomous agency should carry out any such enquiries. It should truly be that simple. MP’s hold a position of utmost trust and a huge amount of power. Any corruptive or fraudulent activities should be prosecuted, and absolutely when this involves a foreign government or even business or agency needs to be seen and prosecuted as high treason to our country and the people. No exclusions.


This post is likely to cause consternation for some folk.

I live about 20 miles from Whaley Bridge, I used to live much closer and spent my formative years walking around there, spending a lot of time on the canal there, drinking there and socialising there.
I have friends that live there who I may not keep in touch with enough, but do love and respect.

The village, for its not a big place compared to other towns locally, is beautiful and very friendly. It is not as well known as say Buxton or Castleton but it is quirky and historic.
The memories I carry of Whaley are with me always.
What is happening now is horrific for not only the residents but for all that know Whaley. The thought of it being submerged and possibly wiped away is beyond scary. It saddens me that it may be due in no small part to attempts to save money and some misguided or worse failing of merging the authorities responsible for waterways and resovoirs. Any inquest into the crisis will clarify blame and the cause, I am sure (maybe).
The reason this is however a contentious post is that I am just going to briefly make a comparrason between this and the truly devastating incident which included a huge loss of life at Grenfell Tower, the block of flats destroyed by fire, which killed so many people due to a Tory council making dangerous decisions, based upon cost cutting.
Since the incident hit the headlines the oafish Prime Minister has flown down to make promises of rehousing everyone who may lose their homes if the dam truly breaks. Now absolutely this should and must happen. It seems Johnson not only has said something positive and reassuring, but managed to grab some headlines in an attempt to increase his waning popularity. It has helped him in so much as Whaley is a wealthy predominantly Conservative area, with a majority of residents being white, middle class and even land owners.

I am absolutely sure that in the event of true disaster most of his promise will be kept. I doubt the most economically vulnerable in the area will see the fruits of his assurance but the more well off certainly will.
Now its clear that at Grenfell similar promises were eventually made by the then prime minister Theresa May. She did not react anywhere near as quickly and sadly it seems her promises were for the majority (pretty much all) the residents false. It is also worth noting that Boris Johnson, previous Mayor of London made cuts to the fire service and ignored warnings that did likely result in the death toll at Grenfell being so huge.
Now again I reiterate anyone in Britain who falls foul of disaster should have their crucial needs met by the government. We need a protective infrastructure that comes into effect in times of crisis. However, this needs to happen for all in any crisis, it should not be conditional upon economic worth, colour of skin, immigration status, religion, or who you likely will vote for. Human life is human life. It needs protection from the beginning to end of any crisis. If people lose everything then we as a country need to give them hope of rebuilding their lives. Whoever they are.
I do not want to take anything that has been promised away from those human beings in Whaley Bridge, not anything, but I want promises to count, those making the promises held to account across the board. Everyone to be given protection, security and humane consideration.
So yes provide emergency accommodation (I already have offered my home and my parents motorhome if needed to shelter folk), provide a means of rebuilding lives, invest in the future of this community, but, invest in the future of every community, every family, every person hit by any disaster. That is humanity. That should be our morality. That must be our way.


To those who earn under £79,000 a year. (mp salary)

If you are not going to vote Labour, whether because your parents didn’t, you ‘remember’ the 70’s (the unions had too much power – no you had workers rights), don’t like terrorist sympathiser – IRA Corbyn – actually not a supporter of the IRA but a peace maker helping to give the people of Ireland 20yrs of relative peace, along with reducing the threat of you getting blown up, or our families and friends being killed, want Brexit – yes remove your rights as a worker and human being, its the lemming syndrome, not a commi – socialism is not communism. We believe in a fair society where there are safety nets such as entitlement to housing, food, warmth, water, health and yes community.
There are even muppets that think Labour is soft on immigration, however they do not see that by not bombing countries for profiteering big business – usually based in the USA, means less refugees, means we are not killing men women and children to sate the greed of the rich and we are looking at ways of making the world safer not more deadly.
Labour do not intend to suddenly open our borders to everyone (though I personally do not believe in Borders) they believe in allowing refuge and migration to those who need it, and those who contribute. What’s the point in having a NHS without doctors and nurses?
Labour believe in opportunity, in development, in a better world.
Oh Labour are going to cut our armed forces – mmmn let’s see who cancelled the catapult off our aircraft carriers making them reliant on an American plane that has cost ten times what we agreed to? Who has reduced the army, airforce and navy to the point they cannot patrol shipping lanes or keep ships safe? Who removed support for ex service folk and still see them committing suicide or living on the streets? Who signed up for a nuclear missile that can only be fired by the Americans? Who destroys the regiment, squadrons and flotillas? Who sends our friends sons and daughters off to die for oil and greed without even the equipment needed to survive?
So if you do not like Jeremy Corbyn, is your dislike of an honest gentle dedicated man worth you voting to make the rich more wealthy and you along with your family closer to living in the gutter?
You can live a life with hope or one of subservile oppression. The choice truly is yours. But you need to decide soon, the true way forward – Labour or carry on believing the lies fed to you by the tory/suoer-rich controlled media. Maybe lemmings are more intelligent than the average person living in Britain? We will see.
Jonesy Jones