Are we friends?

We do not all agree on everything, and thats fine, but if you are hell bent on perpetuating this cruel vile regime we live under, for whatever misguided reason, then we part as people based upon a differing morality. This will be insurmountable as I cannot and will not even try to empathise with the view that anything but a free and fair society, a socialist society, a society that supports its populace and does not strip them of choice, rights, opportunity, shelter, food and humanity.

My life has been dedicated from being a 16yr old activist supporting the miners, print workers and several less publicised workers fighting to save their jobs, communities, families and way of life, to working in communities, many in deprived areas, working to support families and protect children from harm or abuse.
I am not some person spouting rhetoric taken from some spin doctors manifesto of corruption, my view, my words are taken from my journey through life, my experiences, and sadly the experiences of those I sought to support and protect.
I have now seen at first hand how this corrupt and cruel government, the previous coalition, as well as Blair’s ‘New Labour’, have stolen the past as with Windrush, the present as with the vile procedures and policy, which the DWP use to condemn the sick, disabled and vulnerable, and even the future, by their selling off off the NHS, the Tory proposed scrapping of our human rights, and the destruction of the countries infrastructure that is the support network for every citizen, regardless of wealth or social class.
We now need to find a way to reverse the effects austerity, the policy of robbing us to pay bankers and shareholders dividends and bonuses, upon the communities of the UK.
I cannot and will not engage within a society that promotes and cheers the need for the existence of foodbanks, that allows officials and officers to steal the meagre belongings of those existing upon our streets and an establishment that continues to profiteer from the vulnerable, as well as everyone else withing this supposed ‘Great’ Britain.
So sadly if you cannot see through the ongoing blatant lies you are fed daily in the media, if your experience is forming your opinions from the Sun and listening, laughing and drinking with bigots, if you spout utter discriminatory crap because you are too lazy to get out and meet folk, have never experienced other cultures beyond a Chinese takeaway, have no understanding of how wonderful diversity and inclusion truly are, then sadly your opinion is not what I am seeking in life.
If you spout hate and follow the pink milkshake wearer its time to move on from me.
It really is that simple. I haven’t the strength to argue semantics with the uninformed. I write as already stated my opinion based upon experience and knowledge, it may not always be your cup of tea, it may seem to be self indulgent to you, but its my ethos, my morality and it is who I am.
So love or hate me, your choice, but try not to see me as a fool, or weak, for I truly am neither.
Hopefully still your friend,

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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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