Faith or fear

If there is a heaven what will it be like?

Will it be humans with bodies or just gaseous forms, maybe just electricity free flowing?
Will there be folk just from the winning faith or will all whether religious or atheist be there? Does a heaven mean a hell, a limbo and maybe somewhere even worse? Or will even Nazis, Tories and other mass murderers be in heaven too?
Is there a chance of reincarnation? Of returning as a person, an animal or a tree? Coming back to Earth or somewhere else? Maybe we get reborn as our selves or maybe we all share one soul, one existence so the hurt we do to others is truly self harm?
Is god if there is one, alone? Many gods? Male? Female? Both or none?
If there is a ultimate divine being do they realise we exist? Or are we just a form of bacteria? Growing on a discarded cheese toastie?
Do any of these theological questions & suppositions make you hate me? Make you want to kill me? To join with me? To take my words as gospel? To call me evil or good? Do I deserve ostracism? To be turned out of my home? To be shot at on the street? To be given money? To own you? To have power over you?
Would it make a difference if I wore white or Black? A crucifix or star? A pentacost or upturned cross? If I shaved my head or grew a beard?
Maybe in a millenia these words would be seen as holy?
I know my belief and its unlikely that its yours. I do not hate you because you believe in a deity or not. I might dislike or hate you as an individual, we cannot all like everyone, but I don’t hate because of faith, culture or creed. I do hate violence, oppression and death caused by those who perpetrate such vile acts in the name of any god. I will condemn them on all sides, but in particular will raise my voice against the aggressor more so than the defender.
I do not condone war nor terrorism. Especially in the name of a supposed understanding and loving god, prophet or holy ghost.
We were (the folk of my generation) taught that the Christian god was a god of peace and love. It seems that given human history those teachings were wrong. That wars have been fought with both sides claiming the same god was on their side. ‘Gott Mitt Uns’ was on the Nazi Soldiers belt buckle. Every regiment of every army seems to go into battle with chaplains or religious leaders in the ranks. Even those whose political allegiance discounts any formal religion.
Now believe what you believe, feel free to dicuss it with me if we ever meet, but do not ever tell me your religion, your faith or your god tells you to kill, to maim, to oppress, to subjugate, to torture, to imprison, to ostracise, to injure, to fight others because their beliefs are not yours.
I believe in humanity, there lies my hope, and I truly pray I live to see that force take control of this planets destiny.

Published by

Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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