Anti-Semite? What does this truly mean? My understanding is it means someone who preaches hate against those folk who identify as members of the Jewish faith.
The Oxford dictionary defines it as;

noun. A person who is hostile to or prejudiced against Jews. … ‘The horror of the Holocaust served to discredit the pronouncements of anti-Semites.’

Israel however is a ‘State’ an area which in the 1940’s Britain ‘gave’ land to Jewish people displaced by WW2.
Now it does get confusing because though Israel is a state it also is defined again by Oxford Dictionary as –

1The Hebrew nation or people. According to tradition they are descended from the twelve sons of the patriarch Jacob (also named Israel).

2The northern kingdom of the Hebrews (c.930–721 BC), formed after the reign of Solomon, whose inhabitants were carried away to captivity in Assyria.

Now the first definition means that Israel can mean ‘the Hebrew Nation’ – the Jewish people. This means any statement that does not define itself as being against the actions of the “State of Israel” lends itself to interpretation as being against the Jewish people. It is clearly often pedantic of those making accusations of folk being anti-Semite to do this but means statements against the vile torturous and murderous actions of the said state against the Palestinian People, or against the Israeli state’s involvement within British politics and government, including often Mossad’s alleged involvement in extortion and bribery, even possibly murder to influence Pro-Israeli state decisions and actions are upheld as Anti-Semitic when the true reasons are condemning the internationally illegal or/and immoral actions of a state that seems to be intent upon acting in an imperialist expansionist manner and upon a path of not just state led cruelty but genocide against the Palestinian People.

Now I am a humble citizen of the world, I did not invent language or the ability to define one intent from another. I hope I continue to fight hate in any way I can, I am not racist and hate no one due to their religion, belief or dress. I never post anything with any intent of discrimination. I like many of my comrades within the Labour Party, socialist and humanitarian movements cannot and will not stand by and let any Country or State use the pedantics of language to mask immoral behaviours.

I therefore again herby call upon those with the power to make decisions in the State of Israel to cease all military and policing activity that seeks to oppress the people of Palestine, to sit at a table with their leaders and negotiate a true and long term peace with them. I also as a British Citizen demand the agencies of the State of Israel remove themselves in all manners and ways from British Politics and the governance of the British People.

Human and citizen of the UK and Planet Earth.

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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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