Oppression into limbo

Mirror Politics (not our friends) are sharing a photo of an ex tory councillor who is claiming disability (well according to Mirror Politics) and been snapped carrying a folding table. My response to the comments on their post is thus:

Before you jump out of your chairs with ire on this, yep the fool is a Tory but you are not his doctor. I am not either. I do not know his medical history! I do know I have several chronic illness’ that mean most of the time I am in pain, am exhausted, cannot get out of house and yes would have difficulty washing hair. I then get a few (very few days) of respite where even I can to a degree almost forget I am ill. Still have pain but with effort can function as if not. On those days I do what I can to ‘live’ and yes shop (carry shopping in), sort my home out and if I can help others. I do not know this blokes situation, but to have a go without doing is beyond daft. Yep he is an arse for being a tory, but stop being judgemental for him being ill unless you truly know all the facts. And yes it is the tories that made being ill tantamount to being a criminal, but maybe this one has learnt a lesson in politics. Easy to criticise and jump on bandwagon but maybe think first?

The thing is I don’t care who the bloke is, demonising and judging someone without living in their shoes is at best unhelpful but in reality oppressive and not just perpetuating but encouraging the vilification of the most vulnerable in society.
The Tory establishment themselves are accomplished masters at this. The feed the public constant propaganda to do just that, with ‘Benefits Britain’ and that vile muppet Kyle!
People are ill and cannot work for many reasons. Chronic illness is often hidden, for me I have occasional better spells that mean folks see me as functioning, but then like of late being housebound and yes bed bound, unable to even cook or dress properly.
I hate not working, I want to be doing something productive. I did not give up the career I loved to wither away in this existence. I constantly strive to get back to what I do best, but cannot. In fact dare not even try, for if I fail I lose what little I have now. Because that is how the system works, (fails us).
Remember the government allows surveillance of this but not of abusers of children, not of fraudsters ripping us all off for millions in taxes.
The DWP discounts medical evidence every day and to be honest I think the courts are loaded against us. How do you explain to a judge sitting upon his ivory tower how your veins are filled with lava and ice at the same time. That one morning you can manage to stand to have a wee yet another you cannot even sit straight upon your toilet seat?
So please don’t judge someone off a picture. Whoever they are. Disability and illness cannot always be seen. People do genuinely want to do what they can when they can. And remember the main stream press not only collude with those wanting to oppress us all, but have to make mountains out of mole hills just to sell their pathetic words. This was not journalism, it was in my opinion unsubstantiated drivel.

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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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