14 million in poverty

14 million in poverty in the UK according to the Metro (right wing rag) so likely far more. That is roughly a quarter of our population who have to sacrifice all choice just to eat, keep warm and have a roof. Many not even achieving these basic needs.
We see folks living on the streets but it is also as bad for many people that cannot pay their bills, are in debt to loan sharks (all doorstep and payday loan companies are these), with the courts supporting the corruption of these businesses.
If you have never been scared to look out the window, answer the phone, read your mail, never jumped with fear at a knock at the door, had to go without food so your child or children can have a meal every day, then likely you will not understand.
If you have never had to refuse to pop to a friends for coffee because you cannot afford to buy milk if they decide to pop in to see you, how can you get the real meaning of poverty.
When retro is not a trend but is pulling basic soiled furniture out of wet skips just so you can sit down in your privately rented slum.
Where the government changing the benefits system, or an over zealous council workers actions suspend your benefits and put you in a position where your dodgy landlord gets people round to threaten or yes even harm you, then you have to go to ‘Greenwoods’ or the like and beg their agent to lend you enough to pay him/her off, with a huge commission.
If you have never set foot in a food bank you are indeed lucky they leave you with no self respect, not because of the attitudes of the often lovely volunteers, but because of your own belief and values, taught you from an early age by a morally corrupt capitalist society.
Ah but its ‘austerity’. We all need to sacrifice don’t we? Well we seem to have to, but what of the bankers, those who’s gambling put us in this apparent mess? The share holders of the banks, you know, the ones we had to ‘bail out’, the reason for austerity? The multi national companies that avoid tax and are ignored by HMRC? The government department that fines you if you are late with a return or stops your tax credits because each week you have to work more or less hours on your zero hours contract?
Poverty is not a choice for those suffering and living with it. Poverty is a choice for government, for the establishment. 14 million living in poverty is not acceptable in this world, a world where if the top one percent shared their wealth no one would live in poverty and there would be no deaths due to starvation and famine.
Capitalism is not a good system. It is based on greed and corruption. It means there will always be families and individuals that suffer and die through abject poverty. It means that only the truly materialistic wealthy can live without fear of destitution.
Even if you have never experienced poverty, most of you are only at most a months pay from it. The safety net you believe is there for you, in the event of you losing your job will be pulled away once you need it. Universal credit means you get no money for around ten weeks in practice, then your claim can be suspended for no good reason. That is today’s reality. So many may not experience the reality of not heating your home as temperatures drop. Of not being able to afford that kebab after a night out with your mates, of not being able to go out at all because you cannot afford a half.
Some may believe you lived like that as a student so understand. Sadly unlike student life, it is the only future 14 million can see.
And given all that remember such hopelessness also brings on illness, physical through malnutrition and poor diet, lack of exercise due to feeling imprisoned in your home, low immunity again through diet, but also mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, paranoia and worse.
When you live in poverty you become a prisoner in so many ways. You lose your self worth and feel you are only a drain upon society, that in turn feeds guilt, which builds to in way too many instances a belief you are valueless and do not deserve to live. I wish this was overstating things but sadly it is not. People die in many ways through poverty. Those that do not, often only exist. Very few live. Money is not everything? No, but the lack of it kills!
So next time you watch the royals dressing up for some pompous wedding and go aaaahhh at her dress, think on how many are suffering so these people can live in such opulence. Next time you smile at some heartless quip by the vile Lord saccharin remember the families he oppresses and keeps living in squalor. Remember he laughs at you every time he fails to pay his dues to our country.
14 million in poverty is not just a number, its lives, its kids going without basic needs, its people crying throughout the night because they see no way out, its overdoses! Bullying, hangings, cutting, its despair, its hardship its……..unforgivable, cruel and vile.
That is 14 million in poverty and that is just here in the UK. In many places fare worse.
Think on it.
Jonesy (thejonesy)
Dog of Socialism.
#Poverty #despair

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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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