Labour and my view

First of all, I do not know the religious persuasion of my friends, unless they decide to tell me. It is not important to me in choosing my friends. I can not identify the religion of people in public unless they choose to wear identifiable religious dress such as dog collar, burka, turban, kippah, habit, kasaya, or any other that denotes their faith.
When I meet someone for the first time or at any time I do not ask their beliefs, unless it is part of a wider conversation, and am not offended by their following any faith or indeed no faith.
I do not want a genealogical history of anyone, and do not judge based on skin colour, features, ability, diet, culture or dress.
To me and to be honest the majority of people I associate with, a person is a person. Any decisions I make in regard to them are through their personality, social presentation, and my interaction with them. If we get on then we can call each other friend, if we don’t then we may be acquaintance, and rarely if their is reason then maybe even foe, but that truly is rare. There are folk I like and have common interest or values, their are those I like though we share little mutual commonality.
This is how I live my life. I actively challenge all discrimination, I hope I always have and know I always will.
I am a member of the Labour Party for the Party, its leader and the vast majority of the membership seem to me to share my morality and views.
I will not claim to have never met a racist party member, but I could count on one hand those I have come across in 35yrs, and can categorically state I have not met face to face any that have voiced antisemitic views.
I have seen odd comments on facebook that I can see come across as antisemitic, but these are not stand alone comments, are always linked to the horrors of Palestine and if they cross the line of criticising the perpetrators of terror, torture, oppression and genocide of the Palestinian people, I absolutely challenge them and if appropriate I would report to the appropriate authorities and Labour Party.
Often peoples lack of language skills, or inability to recognise the difference between governments, groups and individuals, and the actions of each, may lead to misinformed comment or statement.
People in all walks of life share memes or quotes sometimes with no true understanding of the source or meaning. Yes this needs picking up on.
I however state unequivocally that my understanding is that yes there may be racist members of the Labour Party, but given his past life record Jeremy Corbyn is not one of these. That he has proved time and time again to stand against oppression and hate, and in many ways share my morality, ethics and views. That he challenges racism and I include antisemitism in that definition.
I am concerned that there are people within religious groups of most faiths that are scared of a possible world leader that cannot be bought, that values honest, fairness and peace. That will take on corporations and even the establishment to provide a fairer society that benefits the majority rather than an elitist wealthy minority.
I believe these people will use whatever immoral lies, spin, fabricated allegations and propaganda to discredit him and those who stand with him.
I believe there are a number of foreign governments that are using underhand tactics to prevent his being elected, and yes members of his own party, in particular the right wing of the Labour Party that are sabotaging his leadership from within.
These unprincipled people are being supported by a press and media owned by those who are frightened by his strength and purpose, and who are desperate to depose him.
I am not alone in my views, the Labour Party now boasts 800,000 full members. Associated membership through union membership increases the figures further.
We on the whole I believe are members because we believe in socialism, in fairness, equality and yes stand against all forms of discrimination.
So when you read a slur story, or hear a defamatory comment please look who is making it, think of what they may lose if we have a country that uphold socialist values, or what they may gain by attacking Jeremy Corbyn or the members of the Labour Party.
It really is all I can ask of you, but then hopefully you will see past the bile and realise those currently pulling the strings of our lives are vile venom filled greedy corrupt haters that will do anything to protect their own power and wealth at our cost.
Thank you for reading this, please feel free to share in any medium, but keep my name upon it.
Another human.

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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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