Remember folkies Israel has the most sophisticated and effective secret security force in the world, Mossad. So those politicians that cannot be bribed often can be blackmailed. The fact that thousands are being killed matters not to the corrupt.
So before you think that those defending Israel’s actions in Palestine and in particular Gaza right now are voicing their moral support and belief of an oppressed Jewish state, have a think of their true motives. Why on earth would anyone defend the indefensible?
Every cry of ‘Antisemitism’ that is raised because someone criticises Israeli actions in Gaza has to be viewed with scepticism.
If someone is defamatory about others because they are Jewish, then that is racism as it would be if they did the same to anyone from a different race or culture than themselves. But to criticise the murderous expansionist actions of a state, and defend oppression, cruelty and yes murder is not racist, it is morally and ethically right. A nation or in this case state cannot hide from the consequences of its actions because of the historic oppression and mass murder of the incumbent majority religion by other nations. That truly needs to be seen as ‘two wrongs do not make a right’.
The Palestinian/Israeli situation is not simple. Both sides have committed atrocities, Israel has had to be seen as militarily strong since its formal foundation. They have had to defend themselves on more than a few occasions, but they too have been the oppressors, the state was born out of war, it originated in its present form through migration from Europe after the vile holocaust, and the actions of European Nations along with the United States both before and after the Holocaust that National Socialism brought upon those of the Jewish faith and their descendents.
Israel’s modern foundation was not planned and thought out, it was an oppressive land grab by the British with the support of the Americans, who in the end under pressure gave the land to Jewish refugees not because they were being altruistic, nor through any form of kindness but because those refugees armed themselves, and thought the British imperialist forces, along with the resident ‘Arabic’ people to take over the region. That, along with international pressure led to the birth of modern Israel.
This admittedly is still simplistic as I do not have a masters in the subject but, its is my understanding, and am happy to be corrected if a modern history professor wishes to do so.

Israel’s defence of its borders has meant it has had to have a strong military, where National Service and Reserve force membership is a duty of almost every citizen. They are as such taught that killing in the defence of their homeland is right, moral and just. The State has been on a war footing since its modern inception. I for one cannot imagine living under such constant fear, they must see all the nations that border them as potential invaders. This has to have an effect upon the national and individual psyche, being brought up to see every other nationality as a potential enemy. One such effect seems to be a loss of empathy, of humanity towards those folk they see as a threat, for whatever reason. For a human to deliberately kill another and enjoy doing so, as seems to be the case for some IDF (Israeli Defence Force) soldiers, to knowing kill unarmed civilians, under orders or not, to destroy homes, beat and torture other human beings, especially as this was the way your forebears were treated by Hitler’s forces, is not right. It is not moral. It is not defensible.

The actions of Israel against the Palestinians needs to stop or be stopped. We cannot be silenced by the argument or claim that to voice our opposition to murder, torture and cruelty is somehow racist.

I for one am not afraid to oppose Israel’s current genocidal actions, as I would if anyone again behaved like that towards the Jewish peoples. I hate no one due to their faith, their race, colour or culture. I do hate oppression, murder and cruelty. I do hate the corrupt people that support that for personal benefit or because they are being threatened and extorted into doing so.

No politician of a nation should be a member of any group that declares itself to support another nation or state. Especially if said state is involved in the oppressive actions that Israel is currently.

It truly seems that simple to me.


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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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