Friendly neighbourhood Nazis

Sorry but socialism does not include hatred of other nations, religions or hate. If you think it does then you are getting mixed up with National Socialism and sadly they were Hitler’s Nazi’s. Socialism is about equality and fairness, compassion for your fellow humans, Nazi’s believe in one Teutonic master race, and if you are not healthy, blonde, white skinned, blue eyed and have no disability then quite frankly they want you dead. Sadly the majority of lemmings that follow this creed don’t realise they are campaigning for their own extinction. The Nazi doctrine was to breed out genetic ‘impurity’ then eradicate those not fitting with their ridiculous view of perfection.
If you cannot prove your ‘pure’ bloodline then you are considered ‘under class’ or even below human.
Your nationalist tattoos will also mark you out, you will not be held in admiration just contempt.
Sadly very few if any folk here in the UK have a Teutonic ‘pure’ bloodline. And if you do to be frank you are an immigrant. Teutonic heralds from Scandinavia, not Britain. You are descended from remnants of a invasion force that never quite achieved their goals. You are not ‘pure English’. But what is English? Well for the last two thousand years its been a mongrel nation of indigenous and non indigenous folk. Its a nation that from before records was likely incorporating many different peoples. I am not sure why it matters where your original ‘tribe’ came from though. I was born in Manchester, UK, but could have easily been born in France, Libya, the USA, Africa, Russia, anywhere. I do not remember getting to choose, do you?
I was Born in the 20th Century, a time just 20 odd years after the most violent and bloody war ever. My family and neighbours remembered their fight against fascism and the Nazi’s. They would recount their horror of surviving the camps, or liberating them or just reading and realising they truly existed.
They were still perplexed as to how an entire nation, in fact several nations were duped into thinking National Socialism was a good thing.
I remember talking to men who would stare with hollow eyes when talking about the horrors they had seen.
One man I knew survived the Burma Railroad, and the Bridge over the Kwai. The Japanese were no better than the Nazi’s and allied to them, not ever realising that they were considered animals to Hitler and his chiefs.
This is what Nazi’s do. They fool you into thinking you are important to them, they often are truly charismatic, but are not most abusers?
You in all honesty hold no value to them and if you support their cause you are but expendable meat to be used as muscle until you are no longer of value.
Britain First, EDL, Albion First, BNP and their like follow the Nazi model. They inspire fools to hate. They swell their numbers with people that focus upon single issues, usually with no understanding. They hold meetings in pubs where people are fuelled with alcohol, these vile cruel creatures don’t want to improve lives, just promote their own loathing of others.
Their targets are not those who oppress you, their targets are you.
Please stop buying into hatred of Muslims, of Jews, of Blacks, of Gays, of Disabled, of the Poor, of anyone because they might have differences to you. Surely difference, diversity is the point of life? Without that what are we?
Have a think, and if you still are wanting to hate then its truly time to walk on, and leave me be, for we shall never be comrades.
Jonesy Jones

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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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