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Theresa May and her government are far more dangerous to the folk of the UK and the world than any terrorist. Her weapons abroad are bombs, guns, airstrikes, invasion and sanctions, but here she uses austerity, benefit sanctions and strips villages, towns, cities and regions of support for families, of infrastructure, of community safety, and of our wonderful Health Services.
Theresa May and all the Conservatives are killing people here and abroad daily. Not one or two but tens of thousands. Over 200, 000 here by benefit (entitlement) sanctions alone.
She abuses our armed forces, sending them out to war for greed, sending them ill equipped, more and more untrained and way under supported. Passing the chain of command on to to her American Masters, whilst stripping the conventional forces of all they need to do their impossible jobs.
When these troops come home with life changing physical, emotional and mental injuries she ensures all state support is made as difficult as possible for them to access. Throwing these brave humans on a rubbish pile.
She has ensured that every person who is ill and disabled in the UK gets less support than they are entitled. Making these folk feel like criminals because of their health conditions. The hoops they need to jump through are often so difficult, impossible that many take their own lives because they cannot fight the cruel, evil system. These people are your peers, your friends, family, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters. If they do not commit suicide they are at risk of death through health service cuts, homelessness and starvation.
These sick and disabled are not allowed to live, just merely exist. If their conditions are such that they have occasional ‘good days’ where they may get to physically, or emotionally live as a person without their daily challenges, they dare not try because our society, fed Tory propaganda through news, current affairs and even soap operas, sees those with illness and disabilities as scroungers, worthless and an underclass. The truth has recently come to light that even supermarkets collude with the government to spy upon their disabled customers. Neighbours, so called friends and even family use the threat or reporting folk to the DWP. The reality is after investigation 95% of claimants will have their full entitlements reinstated, but whilst the investigation is in progress they are sanctioned and this can take months, even years to be properly resolved. So if you are disabled you currently are only really permitted to exist at best. Those entitlements are reduced daily as inflation continues to make the pittance folk receive worth less and less.
The poverty levels in the UK are now looking worse than Victorian times, with more children and families living in abject poverty than ever before.
The thing is ‘austerity’ is a huge con. Its another way to increase the gap between the rich and the rest of us. The lie of austerity funnels public money to private companies owned by? Yes the Conservatives and the super rich.
Our foreign policy too is about using public cash to fund the weapons and logistic companies also owned by the Conservatives (ministers and Prime Minister) and their ‘mates’.
Our government allies itself with other tyrannical regimes too, such as the Saudi’s, Zionist (expansionist) Israel and yes the current Right Wing USA.
We are complicit in their crimes. Killing innocents for land, money, and power. No human should be killed for these reasons. No human in this day and age should ever be deliberately killed by any ‘state’.
Most of us realise how wrong this world is, most of us would change it if we could, but its where to start. Everyone knows how dangerous it is to be the first one to put your head up, to make a target of yourself, and here in the UK we are constantly monitored in case we do just that. But we need someone to. Politically Jeremy Corbyn has done just that, with a reported 1million pound bounty for anyone of his own MP’s that can fully discredit and destroy his leadership placed by Israel. Sadly more and more it seems a political solution will not happen. The Establishment will not allow it. They have already made that obvious through their corruptive behaviour in the elections.
What next? I can only at present plan for myself. Imagine a fairer more honest and moral country and yes world. I know what I want to come to pass, but how we achieve that is the big question. Currently we cannot organise a general strike. Peaceful demos are ignored. There seems to be little chance of getting the folk of the UK to understand just how bad things truly are. When they do will it be too late? Sadly I believe it will.
We might try to compare our government to Nazi Germany or Fascist Italy in the 1930’s and 40’s but in many ways they are much worse, for their badges are not on show, their swastikas are in the form of stocks and shares, bank accounts and assets. Their Ghettos are our inner cities, rurally deprived villages, working class communities. Their stormtroopers, the DWP, the police, G4S and now their private police forces.
We need to wake up now, focus your minds upon how to rid them, not a video game or soap. Until you do they will continue to oppress us all, to divide us and yes kill those they do not see as useful.
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Jonesy Jones

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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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