Please think on this

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the freedom to say what you wish to do to certain members of HMG and their pals without fear of arrest
I close my eyes and imagine revolution being born there and then.
This is the real reason for all the ‘anti terror’ legislation, its not ISIS they fear, for they fund and pull their strings, its us, you and me. We are the natural and true enemy of the establishment.
We do not have censorship to protect us, we do not have an official secrets act to protect us, we do not even have ASBO’s to protect us. All this legislation is to protect the establishment, feudal lords and those they have allowed to join them over the centuries to form a class of entitled and financially enriched that wield assumed power over us.
The stripping of legal aid is a deliberate tactic to remove even the illusion of us having any recourse to attempt to challenge them on even ground.
The Parachute Regiment of the British Army are training to defend the Government, Royalty and Aristocracy from the people.
Boris’ water cannon were only prevented from service because his buying them was too blatant.
We live in the most dangerous of times. The reason being that because of automation, computers and robots, especially in manufacturing but more and more in the service industry and even transport, the ruling class need the poor less and less. We are at a point where instead of being an asset to the country we are seen as a drain.
UK industry has been stripped and sold off. We as a nation produce very little anymore. Design, research and development require very small teams of human operators, and even now we have self programming and almost free thinking computers. These computers design robots to manufacture goods.
The general public now truly are becoming surplus to requirements.
‘Oh no this is rubbish’ i hear you cry out from your screen, but think on, do you think the super rich share are morality? If so how did most become so wealthy?
Do we matter to them now as anything beyond a benchmark as to how wealthy they truly are?
We clutter up, litter, pollute and defecate over the world they believe they own. They do not see us as their equals, we are now merely either a nuisance or entertainment to them. They control our lives in ways you do not realise.
They inflate prices to suit them, they hide technological advances if it may cost them profit, they keep us in areas that they can easily avoid, they reward dishonesty and corruption but only from themselves and their serviles.
I do not believe in some super race illuminati, I think its worse, these are the most wicked and immoral people on our planet, and we are letting them decide not just our lives but the future of the species. Of all species on this planet.
But even with their wealth and power we scare them. They are truly afraid we will see through their guise, and they know that if or rather when we do, nothing they can plan for will guarantee their safety never mind way of life.
I am sure if people read this and believe it, if they share it, and it catches on, i will at best be discredited. I truly believe anyone that they see as a risk becomes very expendable, and will have an accident or illness or be accused and convicted of some made up crime. This is not paranoia, its to me a very rational thought process.
GCHQ’s main role now is to monitor us.
Think on that.
Thanks for reading

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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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