Revolution by another name.

IMG_1498903416674Will revolution be the next step? Let us hope not. In our country we believe we have freedom of speech, of movement, we believe we can demonstrate our mood, that we have choice. We sadly do not.
I wish I had the funds and health to join those in London today but sadly cannot. But even if I was there, I guess it will not be accurately reported.
And lets thin about what we can now achieve?
The Establishment have thus far used every dirty trick in the book to ensure we do not become a socialist leaning country. Not communist – the so called extreme, but socialist – fairness.
We have had suspicious deaths when socialists became ‘too popular’. I think if they attacked JC it would be too suspicious, but do not rule anything out from the Establishment.
If we had any kind of physical revolution or revolt, the Army would be on the streets with clear orders to quell it. They would use whatever means they had. Including firing at civilians if ordered to do so. They have in the past, from the militia at Peterloo to the regulars on the streets of Ireland. It is what they do. Do not blame them, it is what ‘we’ pay them for.
If the army refused or were ineffective do not be under any illusion that we would win, that the ‘revolution’ would be a success, for that’s when things get worse. That’s when the Americans would invade under the auspice of ‘peace keeping’. In other words installing their own Establishment Junta.
Revolution in the classic understanding will not work in the UK. No western government will allow the ‘people’ to have choice. The Tories have proved this by buying democracy off.
What then? Is this the end? Nope its a challenge. Instead of doing what they want, playing into their hands then we need to out think them.
JC has been doing just that, but again they will not pass on power to him. We know this now.
The answer?
We that’s what we all need to ponder. There will be dose of you that simply respond with JC4PM, and I get that, and those that criticise me for ‘losing faith’ but this is politics not religion, faith does not increase our chances it stagnates our choices, hopefully some of you may see some element of truth in my words and truly think. That’s where our chances lie.
I am still very much behind JC and Labour – True Labour, but I will not have all hope for change quashed because the might of the Establishment and big business cheats us into submission. Nor will I willingly have my children grow in a war torn country. Not an option. So get your thinking heads on and lets really beat these vile creatures that dominate our lives. Lets take our future back. Let us be sheep no longer. But lets out think rather than attempt to out fight.

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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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