Article 50

Corbyn is showing the country that although the referendum was lies and half truths, that it was likely a result fed by exasperation and desperation, it was a democratic decision. If we wish live within a democratic state we have to recognise what democracy entails. It is no good having a referendum to find the ‘will of the people’ then ignoring it.
The referendum should never have happened. It was a poorly thought out stratagem of a desperately unpopular and corrupt prime minister. Cameron never expected it to be a decision to leave. Buffoon Boris was likely chosen to lead the leave campaign by Cameron and cronies because with such an obvious noxious clown leading the campaign to leave no one save the hardliners would even consider a vote to go.
When the country voted out boris and his pet UKIP fascist – Farage were in a state of shock. Both were not expecting it nor wanted it. Farage lives on the EU gravy train. He more than most wanted to remain. Boris never wanted this kind of success. He was hoping to step into Cameron’s position at the next election. The entire Tory government were at a loss.
Since the referendum the Conservatives have spent millions of party and personal funds trying to challenge the decision. They as business owners and capitalists depended upon the EU. The farmers that were vocal within UKIP suddenly realised their EU funding would be cut. The decision of the people was and is catastrophic for so many that campaigned to leave.
It probably was not the best decision for the rest of us, but time will tell.
Now I do not pretend to know all the ins and outs of Article 50, however it seems that it is the way the UK ‘negotiates’ its way out of Europe. It is the process of setting up deals, of building future alliances and retreating from the union with some dignity. It is the UK abiding by the rules and showing we do things the ‘right way’. I may be wrong.
Mr Corbyn has stated there will be a three line whip on MPs to vote upon Article 50. Now a lot of remainer’s (people who want to stay in the EU because of or even despite their voting in the referendum) think that the referendum result should be ignored, that Britain should back track and stay in the EU. But then there is that big word again ‘democracy’. You cannot ignore the will of the people, well you can but at your peril, as the last King of France, the Russian Tsar and even our own Charley (number 1) could testify to, well could if they still had voices to testify with. (guillotine, bullet and rope were the responses to these leaders that ignored their peoples demands).
So if we are to leave the EU then we need to get the best deal for Britain. We need to negotiate our way out. Go down the front steps not scurry out of the back door being chased into hiding by Angela.
Now we know their are members of the Parliamentary Labour Party that wish to see Mr Corbyn deposed as leader. Those MP’s are likely to use this vote not for the good of the country, nor their party members but to try to weaken Mr Corbyn’s position. They are not rebelling for the likes of you or me, nor for the common good, they are doing so in my view purely because they make too much money from the Establishment, (the faceless people behind the politicians, the people that truly currently wield the power), they have been in all probability (my opinion) been offered advancements, enhancements and bribes by the faceless few. The Establishment are scared of honesty, morality and integrity which are the qualities Mr Corbyn seems to hold. He has morals that he stands by, and I truly think cannot be bought. You may not agree with his politics but I see that he has true values and really does care about the people. He is however but a man, who now has some fabulous new blood backing him, (yes Mr Skinner, some not so young blood too).
So anyway a tad of a digression. I apologise.
To conclude, the Article 50 vote is important. I voted remain but see we now cannot. The EU is breaking down. We need to form alliances, to also currently distance ourselves from the USA and their bigoted fascist President. We need to be able to be seen by the world as a country that stands for democracy, for freedom and opposes hate and corruption. That is how Britain must move forward.
Anyway my opinion. As always. Disagree if you must, but share if not.
Thanks for reading this far.

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