Austerity the con

Ok decided my fight truly starts here. A few notions I have upon our great country and our reality. Argue if you will. Feel free to berate me, shout me down, call me a traitor or a fool. For these are my thoughts, mine to voice when, where and to whom I like. At this point in history will still have at least the fallacy of what we believe represents ‘free speech’ therefore as a UK and World Citizen I exercise that. You have the choice to read, believe, and understand or of course not.
Ok Austerity, what is it? What are the effects? And why do we have it?
Well Austerity we are told is ostensibly the ‘country’ making cuts to public services to save money to pay of at least a part of the deficit (difference between what we have, need and owe). Feel free to research the figures yourself as there are many sources and the numbers often differ depending upon what political leanings the publishers have. I am a mere mortal not a mathematician nor a statistician. I use the same search engines and probably keywords as you. So look up Britain’s deficit’ ‘Britain’s Debt’ ‘Britain’s expenditure’ ‘Britain’s Financial resources’ and any other similar terms you fancy. Try not to rely on Wikipedia even though that will likely be the first source of results. Remember each media outlet has its own bias. Most are ‘pro establishment and government (Tory)’. It is nigh on impossible to get unbiased true information as search results are filtered by nations to ensure we do not ever have access to the real truths. Google and other search engines are not independent of governments. Nor are social media, mainstream media, or even your university/ college/ school curriculums.
Most of your teachers/tutors/lecturers are not allowed to teach free thought nor even encourage it. They are given direction upon what to teach.
The effects of Austerity?
Well yes cuts in public services, but what does that mean to us in reality? Well to be blunt death!
Am I being a little dramatic? Nope. In the last few years there has been a reasonably publicised campaign to get the DWP to release figures of deaths related to delays and sanctions. Some figures have now been released despite lies from Ian Duncan Smith, George Osbourne and officers of the DWP who all denied the figures existed. These figures were terrible enough, and even now inconclusive. Some stating 4,000 others up to 80,000 others even higher. But they are just DWP figures. What about those dying through lack of care provision? Poor health provision due to NHS break up and budget cuts, poor or no social housing, private renting, losing tenancy due to benefits cuts, sanctions or even more commonly mistakes?
What about increases in road deaths not due to mobile phones, speeding or drunk driving but due to road conditions such as pot holes. Guess what these figures are not even recorded. Police have no form to do so.
How about malnutrition? Rickets even Scurvy making a reappearance. Victorian illnesses with no reason in this affluent modern world!
Homelessness not just due to lack of housing but to loss of mental health, drug and alcohol services.
Homelessness due to lack of legal aid and recourse to our own judicial system. Now a law for the rich none for the poor.
Family breakup for all the above.
Suicide for all of the above.
This is austerity. The poor paying for the debt.
Now why the debt? Remember those bankers, the ones that gambled with the savings of pension funds, of individuals, of business’, of all of us? Well yep those er people gambled and lost. Not just a bit but amounts so huge we cannot understand them. We all lost out one way or another, increased costs of goods, fuel, living. Many lost homes, cars, marriages, children. When I say all…. well actually the rich that lost out demanded that they were paid back, not by the bankers, not even the banks, but by us, you and me, the other 90 odd percent.
And pay them we do. At the cost of all we have lost. All I described.
So what is Austerity? : answer a con trick, a lie, the biggest fraud in history. It is that simple.
As I said my thoughts.

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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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