Okies since I have been berated and castigated for my views upon good ol’ Queenie and her lot, thought it only right I explain them a little more. Ok here goes, I started out in 1981 as a socialist, which I have remained throughout my life, I also describe myself as a peoplist, because I believe in people and all having equal and reasonable chances.
Even with my left leanings for many years I would describe myself as a royalist, I believed what we were taught at school, and to be honest felt safe in the knowledge that the Queen or monarch could intervene if they believed the government to be doing severe wrong to the country. I also believed they paid for themselves through trade and tourism.
I now see that me as naive. Why? Ok here are my reasons for my current thinking:
Britain has the same percentage or even less of tourists as most European Countries. People go to countries for all reasons but I didn’t visit Spain to meet or see their royals. Therefore apart from those attending Royal Events I don’t see them having any impact upon tourism or even trade (business people trade in money and tax breaks not royals). Although every Royal wedding does end up stocking Poundland with tat.
Yes people come to see the castles, palaces and the Tower, but not because of Li’l Lizzie.
Over the years there have been many allegations made against the Royals including some where the Queen herself was implicated in murder and child abuse. These should have had open, thorough and very public investigations, but instead there were cover ups, closing of ranks and more worrying law changes to ensure the royals could not be investigated. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you want but I find that suspicious and worrying. The head of state should be not above the law but able to be seen to stand for the law. If these allegations have been found or are found to hold any truth then the guilty should be removed immediately and tried in a court of law. The law should apply to all.
Now I know old Liz and Phil do get about in the name of the UK. And yay pay them for their time, but bear in mind they are not just rich but ultra rich, so maybe just give them a retainer that covers expenses? And I mean realistic expenses. We still provide the body guards, security of a reasonable level but nowt else. If we are responsible for the repairs and renovation of her property lets charge her rent and Council tax for them. I mean how many rooms has Buck house got? 775 rooms , 240 of which are Bedrooms.
£2,167 pcm (£500 pw) Fees apply for a1 bed flat to rent in Consort Rise House, 1999-203, Buckingham Palace Road SW1W
So we divide 750 by 2 (give her some bathrooms and a kitchen gratis) then times it by the rent of this flat and it gives us £9,751,500 Pa rent. And thats just on her one property.
It will be band H for Council Tax even though its huge and that means a mere £1,337.60 per year.
Also £124,800 in bedroom tax (conservative estimate).
So that means she should pay £9,877,637.60 rent and council tax (including bedroom tax).
Now she also has several other properties such as Sandringham, Balmoral and a fair few others. So I guess she needs to budget accordingly.
I don’t want her dead, she can still be called Queen, but lets get real. This is the 21st Century. How can we defend paying for a monarchy, including hangers on and their property when we have such poverty, austerity, food banks and deaths in the most vulnerable of society.
Royalty are basically movie stars that are paid from the public purse.
I truly believe times have changed. They are not a requirement any more and do not sit right with me. I truly don’t support a Nagan at the neck as the Russians did, but do want any wrong doing investigated, and if evidence then them tried, if found guilty sentenced as anyone else would be. I also them to stop leaching off us as a nation. Keep the hat and chair Aunti Beth, put pay yer own way now please. The cars are yours but no more helicopters fer Harry to go partying in unless he rents them himself out of his pocket and gets his brother to fly him there. And for hecks sake take that shotgun off Kate, she does herself no favours by showing her utter contempt for animals. Remember we are likely all animals to them.
These are my views. I am entitled to hold them. I am sure you all have your own and I respect them. So no hate hey? If you feel that strongly block me. Ta

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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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