Well I have to say things have become more oppressive not just within our party but society. It truly feels the beginning of something sinister. The problem is everyday our rights and freedoms are stolen, the vulnerable are targeted by the government, establishment and media. They use fear, mistrust and difference to usher in more and more restrictions upon us all.
Already people are likening things to 1930’s Germany. However what we need to realise its only some people that recognise the oppressive tactics. The majority of people truly are oblivious to it. They are more interested in soaps and video games than the real world. Politics is just something the bores talk about in the pub. ‘it don’t effect us’, or ‘I don’t do politics’. I hear this way too often. I know many that have no idea who the prime minister is, but see the queen as their better, ‘she does a wonderful job’ or ‘she didn’t choose to be queen’ and ‘bless her, she puts up with so much’. I feel like screaming at these people to wake up. Bang their heads on a wall and get them to truly see what is happening in our world. But saying that I also envy them. I would love not to care, to think X-factor was really important. Sadly I don’t. I have seen the effects of discrimination, of poverty, of abuse. I have spent years trying to make a difference in communities. I cannot turn it off. So when I see reports of ‘foreign workers’ being sent back, NHS being ‘privatised’, sick and disabled being sanctioned, curfews on communities, the elderly being robbed of entitlement and all the other horrific things that come to light daily I get mad. I feel anger and despair. I want change.
Its easy to target groups of people, cultures, religions, races, to blame the poorest, the weakest, to use them as focus for the corruption by those in power against the entire country, even the world, its easy because unless it directly effects people, generally they ignore it. Even if it does effect them they just think they can do nothing so guess what? They ignore it.
We are at a true cusp in history, a time to wake up the masses, between us free thinkers, we must be able to find a way. Some are awakening. Socialism is on the rise. But the trouble is as it builds strength so too does National Socialism, Nationalism, and hate.
So we need to not only counter the corruption, immorality, hate, discrimination but the apathy too.
This is the time to use our brains, between us all we can find a solution.

Feel free to share if you think its worthy of it.

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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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