In whom we trust

Ok you woke up today trusting your alarm time was correct. You trusted the microwave to heat your porridge for the set 2 mins. You trusted that the bus would arrive on or just after the time stated on the timetable. You trust you will get paid for the hours you work, well most of you do.
Everyday we trust things because we have been taught to do so, some through experience some because we are told to do so from a young age. We rely on that ability to trust every day of our lives.
Trust is important in every aspect of life from relationships to how a driver will react on the road to work.
When trust fails things change, often dramatically. When people stopped trusting in the Mark in the 1930’s there was a run on the German banks and the currency of an entire nation became worthless. This opened the doors to Hitler, National Socialism and all the hate, torture, war and death that followed.
Sadly I have to yet again announce to the world that I and others, many others, have lost trust in our government and those behind them.
We are aware that they only act in their own self interest and for the purpose of fulfilling their greed and lust for control and power.
‘oh dear Jonesey is ranting crap again’
Yep I guess I am, but its through frustration, despair and anger that I type these words.
Everyday the ‘Establishment’ those people with enough money and power behind them to ensure that everything is done ‘their way’, are manipulating us all to fill their quaffers further.
Our lives are just pieces on a game board to them. Our pain, employment, survival and existence at their whim. They vilify the weak and vulnerable to divert your attention from them. And sadly for most it works all too easily.
People watch Jeremy Kyle, a low life that preys on people with low intelligence and are by the very fact he is involved are vulnerable. He gets them on the stage and using his despicably preditorial behaviours destroys them not to assist them but to entertain the masses and lay blame upon these poor souls. These hapless fools are not the scum here, the scum are Kyle, his production team and …….. well sadly those that by watching his filth enable him to continue.
The same can be said for us all in regard to the government and establishment, every day we by our inactivity allow them to continue to kill, yes kill thousands through sanctions, austerity and poverty, we are as responsible for those deaths as they are. You and me have the blood of the weak and vulnerable on our hands. To me every day I try to find a way to end it.
So back to trust.
Do you trust Mrs May? I don’t. Do you trust the Conservatives? I don’t. Do you trust the super rich? I don’t. Do you trust the press? I don’t. Do you trust the government? No? Then why are we letting this sham continue?
Time has run out for so many. Soon it may be you.
So lets lose that trust in them. What then happens can be no worse than this.

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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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