A new dawn

Ok lets do some straight talking. This is how it is. The news today and recently is about how the NHS is failing, overstretched, at melting point. The truth is it really is. But ask yourself why?
Do you ever hear the media or government complain that Trident is not working? Nope because Trident is a leased cash cow to the Tories and to corrupt members of other parties too. Trident is owned by the Americans not us. It is about the biggest conn of our age next to that where most politicians tell us they have our interests at heart.
We ‘lease’ Trident. A weapon we cannot ever use not just because it would likely end all life upon our planet but also because despite us paying for it the US retain the codes to enable its use.
We not only pay to have their bomb but also we pay to maintain it.
Being careful to use the phrase ‘in my opinion’ here, members of HM government are benefiting, whether financially, with promises or power and at times I believe may even be being blackmailed (term I hate sorry) or threatened.
To these people Trident is the golden fleece.
When the Bankers got greedy, and their financial corruption backfired our ‘government’ decided it was our role to bail them out. In any other walk of life fraud and theft would result in prison time, but not if your a banker playing poker with other peoples money. We ended up not just shoring up these monolithic organisations but even then paying them financial bonuses whilst the cost to us was and is austerity measures, cuts in public funding, from benefits to the NHS. It was the poorest in society that even now lose the most from the reckless and illegal actions of these vile people.
Again no cuts to Trident though.
This brings me back to the NHS. Our Health Service, the organisation that we as a nation have been truly able to have pride in. The NHS was devised to give free at point of need health care to all. We all have paid into it. I have for 33yrs. Whether rich or poor you have been assured that if you are ill or injured you will get immediate and appropriate health.
So why is the funding for this most amazing of principles, the greatest thing Britain has achieved, been cut? Why is it failing?
Basically the answer is so simple. Because as the life saving service owned by the nation, the people, you and me, it only gives the rich limited opportunity for making money.
Yes I imagine the politicians have shares in Bayer or any and all of the other drugs companies, and I am sure there are ‘incentives’ or ‘rewards’ for contracts for medications, bank carers, food providers, porters or even the security companies, often G4 or Carritas (under the guise of Securitas), however if the NHS is seen as failing it can easier be split up and sold off to these companies along with others such as Virgin. They will get our NHS at a cut price, then charge us through health insurance far more to receive a budget service.
This is not a new tactic, on the stock markets companies have been doing this for years, but now its our government, and the ‘Establishment’ (the rich and powerful who really control things) that are doing it to us. They have already done it with the public owned industry, serves such as buses, the mining industry, trains, social housing and even who collects your bins. The NHS is just the next level, then the police, then our military.
Its obvious when you see the bigger picture, but people refuse to look. They, in many cases ‘you’ believe the bollocks you are fed by the media and just sheepishly nod your agreement.
All of these things are ours yet they steal them from us then charge us for the privilege.
Its time now to put a stop to this, to say its enough. If we dont then we will have nothing left. We are meaningless to these people whilst we allow them to do it, standing alone cannot work, however if we stand together we can stop it. Our ancestors did, the fought and died to stop this happening, the won the rights we now let the Tories and the other Establishment supporting corrupt politicians rob us of. We need to do the proud, rid our shame, and protect our children and their future.
Now is the time to stop this, lets insist those responsible are brought to justice, that blame lies firmly where deserved.
You are not thick despite often many of you being told you are, so lets find a way to stand together. Lets unite against corruption and greed. Lets take our country back from the rich.

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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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