Future’s future

Well folkies today is tad hazy as very tired, so if I ramble on I would just like to say sor……ner tough haha.
I do not have all the answers to this at times foul world we live in. No meaning of life, or where we have come from. I do not know your god or gods. I only have my life experience, my limited knowledge, my views, what little wisdom I have acquired and a spattering of what I hope is common sense.
I live by my own morality which at times may be flawed at best. But the thing is I care. I care for my children, my family, my friends, their children, their families and friends. I try to care for all human life.
Sometimes caring is hard, especially when people all have their own failings. We all do. Ignorance, arrogance, greed, envy and a hunger for money, materialism and power.
I am not immune to these traits. I actually crave recognition, achievement and respect but not from others so much but from myself.
My worst but also at times best characteristic though is anger, the most destructive force for many but often a necessary emotion to motivate individuals and entire nations to fight for and sustain change.
We as q nation now truly need to get angry. We need to focus that anger upon the true enemies of fairness, justice, opportunity, equality, morality, honesty, integrity, enemies of our freedoms and even our life.
Are real enemies are not identified by colour, race, culture or religion. They are not standing under a foreign flag, they often do not speak a different language. Our enemies are simply rich and powerful versions of ourselves.
Their morality however is so far removed from our own. To them the only lives that matter are the ones of their monetary peers. They see us as entertainment, as oafish, as rough, uncouth. To them we are a necessary evil to ensure their inflated station in society.
They have no understanding of our lives. They do not need to go into a shop and choose between eating and buying say underwear or socks for our kids. They do not need to abstain from food so the rest of our family will be fed.
These people have no interest in whether you live or die. The National Health Service is just a pointless drain on the ‘public purse’ a missed opportunity for them to amass more profit from you and I.
These people have little integrity, robbing from all comers, betting with your money, then when they lose making you pay the shortfall whilst awarding themselves bigger bonuses.
These people abuse our children, sexually, physically and even it is suggested have killed them for their own perverse pleasure, but when society insists they are investigated, they just change the laws and ‘lose’ evidence.
Why do we accept them? Are they better at running our country? If so then we must be totally inept.
The next few months or years are likely to be key for us, for our children, their children and our nation. Our future is being decided now. We are at war.
The Establishment are preparing for war against Russia now, but that is to divert our ire from them. They realise even if we as yet do not that if we now join together and stand firm we are likely to overthrow their power base. To prevent this the literally will be prepared to take the world into a way only the elitist super rich with their bunkers and resources will have any chance of surviving.
By doing nothing you likely are sealing our fates.
The only way we the many will ultimately survive death and even extinction is to see the true enemy, to focus that anger upon them and to stand firm, to stand together.
At the moment we can do this by supporting the growing socialist movement, but soon that may not be an option, soon if we chose to do nothing now we may only have the option of spilling our very life blood.
So your choice, carry on as sheep until its too late or get savvy now, get focussed and get Fighting for the Future, for OUR future.

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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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