War. What is it good for? Feck all.

Let’s be clear, I am no fan of war, I see conflict as a last resort always. I despise the idea of war for profit, whether it be for sales, minerals or imperialism. Any world leader going to war for these reasons has failed and likely as corrupt as his/ her masters.
All the wars the UK has been invited in since WWII have been just that
We do not get involved in war for humanitarian reasons.
I know Ukraine is rich in minerals, gas, uranium and titanium. It holds other wealth and is the base for many vile criminal activities including human trafficking.
The Ukrainian government are I believe right wing extremists. Some have accused them of being fascists. I have no idea, only the info I can glean from a world of disinformation and propaganda.
The Russian government is led by Putin, an ex KGB oligarch. He is not a caring nor a pleasant kind man. He is a greedy egostatistical cruel bully. His government is I believe as corrupt morally and materially as ours.
He is no better than our Primate Minister.
I cannot choose sides of governments in this conflict as, in my view, all are immoral and vile.
I do, however, believe the people of both Russia and Ukraine are against this conflict upon every level.
The sanctions against Russia do not hurt Putin nor his supporters, just the already beleaguered Russian people.
The invasion does not truly threaten the Ukrainian government, again just the people.
So no, I will not display a flag on my profile for Ukraine, nor one for Russia. I will not support the leaders of Britain or the USA for rattling the sabres and censoring the truth.
I support the people being. Killed whether by bombs, guns, or starvation. I support the people stripped of freedom and choice.
I deplore and stand against all the leaders in this conflict, whether the protagonist or the faux diplomat. I abhor the faux free press. I despise the censorship of truth
I am exasperated at those who are unable to look beyond made-up headlines of propaganda.
If we must have enemies, let’s identify the real ones, and they are not the people of Eastern Europe, only their and our leaders.
That simple.

Poor taste or enabling?

Laughing at the holocaust is not acceptable. Nazism was about “cleansing” the world of people with any difference to others. They use the word “cleansing” to describe ridding the world of the human race’s most valuable asset, divergence.
The cleansing involved torture, murder, rape, dehumanisation, vile experimentation, and stripping of all rights to anyone the nazis considered less than human, untermensch – inferior people, non-aryan.
Predominantly, it was the Jewish people who suffered, but not exclusively, the Gypsy, Roma and Travelling communities, the Disabled, Black people Babies born with what were seen as birth defects along with those who voiced any opposition or supported any different political movement were all victims of this horrific regime.
To single out a group of people and make out they deserved the treatment either then or now imposed upon them by the evil that was National Socialist Germany and their allies in the guise of humour is not only disgusting to those people’s memory but also to the horror everyone who opposed them suffered in the fight for ending the Nazi domination of Europe and other parts of our globe.
Yes humour can be dark, mine often is, but there is an acceptable line, Carr has crossed that and deserves all the ire focused upon him.
No Jimmy you are not funny, you are but another ridiculous has-been. One in the same ilk as Manning, Brown and Davidson. Talentless bigots.