The worries people are having about food supplies are real, they are concerning, and a major issue for Britain.
If you are, as someone posted today thinking it just about tomatoes for restaurants and that we can grow our own, think again. 
I am guessing you haven’t been in supermarkets and seen the empty shelves, the disappearing brands and types of food, that you haven’t noticed the spaces being filled by rows and rows of the same items, the doubling and tripling in prices? That you have not heard of the manufacturers such as Heinz artificially inflating their prices to the point of main retailers refusing to sell their products?
It’s not just about tomatoes or the fact that now people in some supermarkets can only buy a certain number of some items such as Morrisons only allowing you to buy 3 lettuces at any time.
(that’s only one current example). It’s not about growing veg in your gardens, veg is only the tip of the iceberg (not the lettuce)! It’s about real shortages and this is going to get far worse and likely very quickly.
Whether the shortages are a result of brexit, a made up fuel crisis  or a deliberate diversion from the cruelty, corruption and profiteering of those we supposedly elected to govern our country and their public school cronies, only time will tell.
We truly need to take action but not against the foreign people or nations we are told are our foes, no, the culprits we need to hold to account are much closer to home.
And as a foot note, remember, demos and marches are either now ignored by the press that is owned and controlled by those same people or those protesting are turned into the supposed enemy by the skilled propaganda machine.
Time to think outside the box, and burying our heads in the sand or just moaning upon social media is truly no longer an viable option.