Virus over disability, the fears.

I am not minimising folks concerns about this virus. If I get it as a aging male with  3 autoimmune conditions, also asthma and heart issues I likely won’t be here, when I speak or post it’s about perspective and folk realising the virus is but another issue the sick and disabled in the UK have to contend with. Life already is scary enough for anyone who is vulnerable in the UK. We have a government intent upon its own form of genocide, instead of SS and the Brown-shirts they use the DWP with unrealistic, cruel systems and sanctions.

People are scared to speak out incase they are singled out, and it seems a society that through years of reading the Sun, Mail, watching TV such as Trisha, Kyle, Benefits Britain and all the other crap that is designed to make the poor, sick and disabled look like corrupt scroungers, whilst our ‘brave MP’s’ fight to keep them in their place, truly has been brainwashed to see victimisation of these people as not only acceptable but moral.

Yes this virus is scary, yes we need to take precautions, yes we are seeing selfish and scared alike panic buying, and yes in 1911 oi think it was 1911} millions did die of Flu, but to me the virus right now is not the only nor worst thing we have to worry about.
People talk of ‘self isolation’, well sadly most of  those in my position, life can be just that. If our physical conditions don’t stop us doing things the depression and anxiety that accompanies chronic illness does.

I write a lot, making a big thing of my days out. Getting out to me is a huge thing. There are weeks and yes months every year I rarely leave my bed never mind my house. I am not alone in that. I in fact am lucky because I currently have days where I manage or rather juggle everything so that I can pretend to the world and to a degree me, that I am not in constant pain, am not exhausted, not so scared of human interaction that if someone said boo to me it would trigger the dilemma of fight or flight. I am usually lucky enough to be able to hold the fight response down and favour flight but that’s hard. Again I am not the only person by a very long stretch this happens to.

So when you read a comment from me that appears to minimise people’s worries about risks to health or even to seem flippant at such concerns I am not being.

My Brother, my 35yr old kid brother died of a health issue that could have been managed if health, emergency staff and social care had acted professionally, morally and responsibly. He could have not been abused in a relationship if he felt it was OK for a man to speak out. He could have survived if people had recognised the plain signs of his body shutting down instead of him being accused of being drunk (despite not drinking). He could have got help if he had not been judged by a bigoted society. He could have prevented our pain if he had not been vilified by society and the agencies that supposedly are there to protect us.

So yes the virus scares me too, because I know the pain and hole my family will suffer if it takes me, I truly know the fear of self isolation. I am fully aware that that isolation will be likely in itself a contributing factor in my subsequent death due to the effects upon my mental health through not leaving the home that already feels to be a prison, along with the very real fact that as a disabled, ill human being in today’s Britain I cannot afford to stock up with supplies, to panic buy, to hoard food. I live with what I have each day.

So I apologise if I seem to minimise people’s fears. I am not trying to. I am trying to keep perspective and a focus upon the every day, every single day fears we as those seen as without value to the government and so many of our fellow humans constantly have to deal with.

I know folk are scared. I am scared. Sadly not for me as to me losing my life right now would not feel a loss, but for the effects that loss would have on my children, my parents and those that love and care for me. I am also  petrified of losing them to virus or anything else, my parents are in their late seventies. Both my kids have asthma. I know I would not cope with the loss of any of them.

We all have a right to be scared. But let’s focus on all the reasons not just the ones we are told to.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to share or not


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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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