At the Climate Change Rallies the police were told by Johnson to go in hard. They arrested many children and young adults. They also arrested a 91yr old bloke.

The officers sadly “follow orders” just like the SA & SS did. There are no end of bastards that will fall in line because their ’employers’ tell them to. Police, DWP, Military, Hospital Administrators, Council Workers. The list is endless. It’s abusive and vile.
It really is time to open your eyes. People refer to 1984 by Orwell but in. Any ways we are wel and truly on the way to a far more scary dystopian world. Machines and computers can do pretty much any job. China have just unveiled a tank that controls itself. The US have ‘intelligent drones’ that can operate autominously. We are no longer even cannon fodde for Countries or now more likely Corporations. We only now really are a measure of the wealth of the super rich, beyond that we are a drain on their resources.
Our lives not only hold no value to them, are no longer a profitable commodity, but are seen as stealing their world and taking up valuable space.
We are now an inconvienence but soon will be a threat to their utopia.
People do not yet see this, they do not under stand. They truly believe that since the invention of digital watches and home computers the world changed, the old evils were vanquished, our governments not truly valued us.
Sorry but no. Those evils got more powerful, now they can watch you whilst you eat tea, have sex, or even clear your bowels. They don’t need cameras in space, nor even cctv, you, we all carry our own portals to be watched, listened to and tracked from.
And sadly no this is not tin foil head decoration time, this is not the view of a conspiracy nut, it’s real, it’s getting to the point all your thoughts will be a matter of record.
We are no longer seen as cattle to be herded but are now a pest to be culled.
Sorry I know it seems far fetched, too much time to think, over active imagination, but seriously think for yourselves, once you do not work in Britain and USA you are vilified, dehumanised, seen as the problem with society. You are called, victimised, attacked and have no access to the law, to justice and in the good old USA you can’t even get health care.
The truly poor in Britain are ignored, beaten, imprisoned, stripped of what little belongings they own, and yes even set fire to for entertainment. We have a prime minister known for goading people forced to live on the streets by offering them a £50 note then as they reached for it he set it alight. Oh hang on this is one of those facts changed since he became PM.
I can’t force you to read this, I can’t direct you to believe it, Al I can do is show you my truth, my views born from working in the poorest communities in England and Wales, from protecting children and their families from harm, often resulting from depravation and poverty. From saving kids from abuse, and seeing how distanced from humanity some of those in power, managers, officers, even ward staff truly are when seeing the worst humans have to offer. Watching families beaten down and being laughed about because those who should have been keeping them safe saw them as worthless.
Our society is broken. We are not the cause. But our inaction, our refusal to hold our heads up coludes with the true monsters of our existence and perpetuates a world where we, our families, friends and children are seen as worthless.
We can only hope to fix it by taking on the oppressors. They have the power, the resources and the arms, we have only us, but we outnumber them a million to one. We’ll we would if we finally learnt from the lessons of the holocaust and stopped “just following orders”.
Jonesy Jones

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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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