National Pride

National pride in the UK today or indeed the past is ridiculous. We are a laughing stock throughout the world. The British establishment has forever treated all it sees as lesser, the poor, sick, other cultures, races and nations with arrogant contempt. They still see themselves as the leaders of a modern Rome, as demi gods to the rest of the populace.
The Britain of the films and your 70’s/80’s/90’s school history lessons never existed. The British people do have a strength of character when needed. Most people are polite and care about their friends and families. The majority still would help any stranger in a crisis. But we are not a kind nation. We are and for thousands of years, way beyond any humans lifespan, so always have been made up of different races, cultures and beliefs. Britain was never really the ‘white, Christian bastion’ we were led to believe in school or the media, and boy am I glad we weren’t.
Sadly in the late 40’s and fifties the Establishment began to house the workers from the West Indies in Ghetto’s. Place them in the more run down parts of our industrial cities. These were men and their families that Enoch Powell and his cronies transported to Britain to fill the workforce gaps caused by the killing of so many men in world war 2.
Now remember up until this mass immigration women were working alongside men in industry, in business and were gaining recognition and rights at what for the Establishment (male dominated) was an alarming rate. This was not acceptable to Enoch and his masters. So instead they brought over migrant workers from our Empire (remember we ruled the Empire with sword and gun as ‘Saviours to the Savages’ and ‘Civilising the uncivilised’ – the common believe and supposed morality of the day), these workers were brought over with the promise of great wealth, housing and equality. That never happened. These human beings were treated as slaves, yes they were paid, but a fraction of the pay a white worker would receive for the same role. They were paid less than the women, who they replaced, and who were already being paid far less than the men, and as for equality? They were treated with contempt by those they worked for and sadly even those they worked with.
Now remember even prior to this Britain was a multicultural society but was no stranger to ghettos. When industry meant farm workers moved into factories from the countryside to work in mills they were placed in getto’s. The Jewish populace were living in what were seen as ghetto’s. The poor always have been placed together out of sight of the wealthy.
So then technical advances in manufacturing meant we did not need as many workers, the queen inherited the throne and after the publicising of images of concentration and death camps (a British idea used prior to WWII throughout the Empire but especially in the Crimea) it was decided that the idea of Empire being ruled by threats and violence was no longer one that would be tolerated. Ghandi was the popular freedom fighter and his non violent protests were something the British Establishment had no understanding of and could not counter. This was the real reason Queen Liz announced an end to the Empire and a new age of ‘Commonwealth’, a sort of EU but made up of states and countries we had conquered. And Liz got to remain head of state of those countries too for the most part.
Then in the 1970’s the Establishment (those with the real power and money, including Queen Liz and her hangers on) realise that firstly the West Indian and African workers are not only earning real wages because their ‘bosses’ value them but are now doing jobs they thought only the ‘white workers’ capable of. This scared Enoch, for he truly believed the white man was at the top, and that he and his class were at the top of them. So what he then did, the man that encouraged and cajoled the mass migration, was spout the hate filled rivers of blood speech. He realised he couldn’t force these folk with their kids now being born, raised and educated to go back to whence they came, he knew many had formed friendships with his ‘white countrymen’ so he now sought to demonise them. Cause rifts and hoped this would bring about them leaving Britain. It did not work. It did inflame bigotry and feed racism, but these men although were living in ghettos were working alongside the white workers, they were members of the unions, they had support. They were not forced out. The ghetto’s do still exist within inner cities but that has been slowly changing. We who fight against hate have been making a difference to attitudes. Youth culture has embraced black music and fashion from jazz, to reggae and now rap and hip hop, people do not generally fear folk due to the colour of their skin (yes sadly still many do). Now still in the late 60’s & 70’s the Establishment realised that closer ties with Europe meant more opportunity to make money for them. So the ‘common market’ was born. This was only ever really to boost Britain’s dwindling trade and open borders for import and export, from its inception it was a capitalist venture. What is Capitalism, its is purely profiteering from those poorer than yourselves. Making the rich richer. Capitalism is finite, it can only exist so long, until the rich own everything. It is monopoly on a world scale, where the bankers always cheat (and don’t we know that). Then comes the 80’s, Thatcher an nasty product of capitalism, who married into the Establishment, realised by breaking the unions she could then remove the rights of the migrant workers even further but also profiteer from removing the rights of all workers. The miners strike and other industrial disputes were forced by the Establishment deliberately sparking them off. The police and yes if you consider Orgreve were drafted in to quell demonstrations by brutality and force. This response had not been used since the days of Peterloo. The media already was controlled by the wealthy, and rags like the Sun fully bought in to her wickedness. When people seemed to begin to see through her tactics and communities started standing together sher distracted a nation by a fabricated war thousands of miles away. A war she could have prevented months earlier but instead cost human lives.
This is not conspiracy theory, it is sadly very much the truth, though often hidden by jingoism.
Thatchers policies destroyed not only unions but communities and families.
Out of sight though the EU was being born. The Establishment still believed it to be just a common market, but some very clever humane folk had been elected in from all the countries involved. These new politicians were almost ignored by the Establishment world wide. They were out of sight bringing in a new alliance. One with power to legislate for all the countries involved. Through this we ended up with the Working Time Directive, Workers rights, Driving hours, open borders, and yes human rights too. There was daft legislation such as straight cucumbers and shape of bananas but most was in place to protect us.
Then the unthinkable happened. The wall between Eastern Communist Europe and the west was torn down. Suddenly poorer nations were joining the EU. Their workers were now free to travel to Britain to work. This again made the Establishment happy because they could profiteer from an even cheaper workforce with no family ties to the UK. Someone else to exploit. But soon this backfired, because these workers were used to working together. They believed in family and community. They were paid less but worked longer. They only bought essentials here and sent money back to their home countries. The establishment could not deal with this. So now through a campaign of lies, propaganda, threats and deceit we are leaving the EU. The Tory’s (Political arm of the Establishment) first act was to announce an end to the Human Rights Act and then comes the Windrush scandal. Sending those families that came and settled in the UK back to the countries their forebears came from. Children born and raised in the UK as British citizens being forced to migrate to a country they have never known and have no ties to. If this was happening to you how would you feel?
So what diversions have the Tories used to distract us? Terrorism? Demonising Islam? They use terrorism as a weapon, inciting fear. Guess who arms these so called terrorists? The British Establishment.
There is far more to all of this, too much to write here without boring you all to death, but it is a truth, the truth as I understand it from years of working within different communities within the UK, of standing by my belief and morality, years of demonstrating, of being on the picket lines, of being a socialist.
So take away what you want from my words, but please think on it, decide upon your own truth and then act upon it.
We cannot afford to be bystanders anymore. Our children’s future depends on our actions now.
Jonesy Jones
Dog of Socialism

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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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