A new way forward?

Right folks another rant about making public servants, council and government officers (including councillors and members of parliament, judges, police officers and civil servants such as DWP and Job Centre Workers culpable whenever they fall short, they are lazy, they bully or are aggressive, they cover up corruption, commit fraud or other offences, promote their own, friends or family interests beyond those of the public, or fail in their legal and moral duties.
I am not suggesting harassing those folk that do their utmost in the current climate of cuts due to the falsehoods and lies of HMG’s Austerity measures.
Its absolutely fine and right that we fight for regime change, to end this corruptive government, this in fact is imperative, however without consequence and culpability even with a dedicated and honest leader and a few more MP’s that truly prioritise their constituents there is little likelyhood of any real change.
Let’s look at Local, District and County Councils for example. A council may be made up of majority of councillors for Labour, Lib Dem or Conservatives. Many Councillors take on the role to aid their local communities and may be passionate about issues close to themselves. However when the issue is for a bordering locality they may be susceptible to the influence of other shall we say promises. I personally knew a building inspector years ago with a cabinet full of single malts that were gifted to him by shall we say satisfied customers?
I also know of instances where child protection social workers have based an assessment upon the word of mum and only seeing the living room, never consulting other agencies, checking out sleeping arrangements, or even if there is food in a kitchen, then managers backing them up despite the child living with ongoing significant risk. I was a social work manager in Child Protection so can tell you this is very dangerous practice and can and will fail to safeguard children (our future).
We live in a country where even the United Nations has decided our government are in breach of basic international human rights laws. In years gone by we would have sanctioned or even invaded other countries for less.
We have a police force that I agree is overstretched but more worrying is staffed with people that have no commitment to the civil population. That allow themselves to be used as tools to keep us from demonstrating against issues that are morally and often legally wrong. They support and shore up a corrupt establishment, picking and choosing to blindly follow their often illegal orders over protecting the weak, vulnerable, disabled, honest, waged and unwaged of our society.
We have an NHS understaffed with medics, ambulance staff, domestic staff or porters but overstaffed by bureaucratic middle and senior management, who often have roles that are designed to make decisions that provide money to private companies and hedgefunds owned by the so called ‘ruling class’.
We have ombudsman services designed to distract us from gaining any real recourse when failed by services or individuals.
Our MP’s now are that ‘above the law’ that when they have been accused of child abuse, child murder, fraud, election fraud, or even treason, they just direct the police not to investigate or change the law. They admit to losing files of those accused that are within their own circles without consequence, even the PM herself.
These are the sort of issues we need to investigate and prosecute. The problem is in our society the public no longer have any recourse to the judicial system due to this governments removal of Legal Aid in most circumstances, and increases in applying to the courts.
What I believe we need to do is set up a NGO, Non Governmental Organisation to fight these issues for us all. Unlike CAB that have few true experts we look to voluntarily staff the organisation with retired, medically retired and disenfranchised professionals who are actually experts in their own fields. These may be solicitors, social workers, teachers, doctors, nurses, council officers, councillors, MP’s, administrators, even judges. People with morality and integrity that want to give something back to the people and challenge wrong doing that at best seeks to subjugate us and at worse slaughter the most vulnerable through ‘austerity cuts’ to services and entitlements (hate the term benefits).
So the point of this post is to ask you all to consider if you or someone you may know would be interested in helping set something like this up?
It is a huge undertaking, but if successful may change more lives than we expect for the better, and it just possible society itself.
Please get in touch,

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Jonesy the Dog of Socialism

I am in my 50's (ok 51), I have life challenges but still continue to be a father, a biker, a socialist and a human being. I fight hate and injustice in any way I can. I am me.

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