Dragon fable

What excellent news released today. Out of myths and fables or what. It seems dragons did likely exist. How can they tell? Because they found not one but a small colony of what they call ‘smokers’. These ‘dragons are around 14cm long full grown. They are almost Geko like but have short stubby wings that extend from their upper mid back. They are not capable of flight as such but use them to sort of control glide off high places. They are similar to crested gekos with pads to enable them to climb and ‘stick’ to things. The dragons were discovered by a German climber in a remote area of Peru.
Why smokers? Well because they do smoke. Not breathe fire exactly but smoke none the less. It seems they have evolved to hold chemicals that include salt peter and sulphur in their stomachs. They have two small stomachs that work similar to that of a cow. They also ingest small flakes of flint. It seems this is deliberate and causes a small ignition as part of their digestive process. Hence the smoke.
Scientists are astounded at these creatures, one Biologist – Dr Petre Dilgarm stated that it was actually a ‘real missing link’.
All cultures throughout the world have myths and legends that involve magic and yes dragons. Even societies that have had no previous contact with the outside world.
Dr Dilgarm went on to hypothesise that though these animals are only around 5 and a half inches long there is no reason that in the past far bigger creatures could have existed.
Interestingly the skin is more fish like having small scales rather than a membrane.
Cant wait to see what else is discovered.

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