Oh think of the neighbours

Here I lay in my checked blue pyjama pants
Annoying the neighbours with Hawkwindy chants
Guitar now strung for maximum the white noise
Drowning out her from next door playing with her toys

The beat repeats as I scream and try to sing
Oh dear I wonder what those blue lights now bring
A knock at the door and the officer then strides in
Hello sir we have had complain about your loud din

Oh really I say to him in such an exasperated voice
Its her over t’road always moaning about mi musical choice
‘But sir’ he replies its now twenty past one in the night
‘I have not come in to give fuel to some feud or fight’

‘I will I suppose agree to curb my heaven sent musical skill’
‘thank you sir’ he motioned to me ‘as I am sure she is ready to kill’
The police have now gone leaving me to my evil thought
I swap guitar for my old bodhran wearing trainers so I dont get caught

I sneak into her garden with trusty drum in my shaking hand
I rang a few of my mates so we now have a travelling band
Not time to tune up i count us in ‘one and two and three’
Giggling with delight as I peer around at her from behind the old tree

The look on her face as she hears our first ditty and song
It priceless as now the rest join in to help by playing along
Again the car sirens have now started to shriek and wail
This time the coppers don’t hesitate and cart us all off to jail

Copyright Trikerpoet 2016IMG_20160918_013855.jpg

A new dawn

Ok lets do some straight talking. This is how it is. The news today and recently is about how the NHS is failing, overstretched, at melting point. The truth is it really is. But ask yourself why?
Do you ever hear the media or government complain that Trident is not working? Nope because Trident is a leased cash cow to the Tories and to corrupt members of other parties too. Trident is owned by the Americans not us. It is about the biggest conn of our age next to that where most politicians tell us they have our interests at heart.
We ‘lease’ Trident. A weapon we cannot ever use not just because it would likely end all life upon our planet but also because despite us paying for it the US retain the codes to enable its use.
We not only pay to have their bomb but also we pay to maintain it.
Being careful to use the phrase ‘in my opinion’ here, members of HM government are benefiting, whether financially, with promises or power and at times I believe may even be being blackmailed (term I hate sorry) or threatened.
To these people Trident is the golden fleece.
When the Bankers got greedy, and their financial corruption backfired our ‘government’ decided it was our role to bail them out. In any other walk of life fraud and theft would result in prison time, but not if your a banker playing poker with other peoples money. We ended up not just shoring up these monolithic organisations but even then paying them financial bonuses whilst the cost to us was and is austerity measures, cuts in public funding, from benefits to the NHS. It was the poorest in society that even now lose the most from the reckless and illegal actions of these vile people.
Again no cuts to Trident though.
This brings me back to the NHS. Our Health Service, the organisation that we as a nation have been truly able to have pride in. The NHS was devised to give free at point of need health care to all. We all have paid into it. I have for 33yrs. Whether rich or poor you have been assured that if you are ill or injured you will get immediate and appropriate health.
So why is the funding for this most amazing of principles, the greatest thing Britain has achieved, been cut? Why is it failing?
Basically the answer is so simple. Because as the life saving service owned by the nation, the people, you and me, it only gives the rich limited opportunity for making money.
Yes I imagine the politicians have shares in Bayer or any and all of the other drugs companies, and I am sure there are ‘incentives’ or ‘rewards’ for contracts for medications, bank carers, food providers, porters or even the security companies, often G4 or Carritas (under the guise of Securitas), however if the NHS is seen as failing it can easier be split up and sold off to these companies along with others such as Virgin. They will get our NHS at a cut price, then charge us through health insurance far more to receive a budget service.
This is not a new tactic, on the stock markets companies have been doing this for years, but now its our government, and the ‘Establishment’ (the rich and powerful who really control things) that are doing it to us. They have already done it with the public owned industry, serves such as buses, the mining industry, trains, social housing and even who collects your bins. The NHS is just the next level, then the police, then our military.
Its obvious when you see the bigger picture, but people refuse to look. They, in many cases ‘you’ believe the bollocks you are fed by the media and just sheepishly nod your agreement.
All of these things are ours yet they steal them from us then charge us for the privilege.
Its time now to put a stop to this, to say its enough. If we dont then we will have nothing left. We are meaningless to these people whilst we allow them to do it, standing alone cannot work, however if we stand together we can stop it. Our ancestors did, the fought and died to stop this happening, the won the rights we now let the Tories and the other Establishment supporting corrupt politicians rob us of. We need to do the proud, rid our shame, and protect our children and their future.
Now is the time to stop this, lets insist those responsible are brought to justice, that blame lies firmly where deserved.
You are not thick despite often many of you being told you are, so lets find a way to stand together. Lets unite against corruption and greed. Lets take our country back from the rich.


The vile morality of those that now rule
Not the kindly king we read of at school
Greed and larceny control our world
When honesty appears lies are hurled

Our courts are run by corrupt law makers
They will never be convicted as a breaker
Allegations made are then hidden from view
Legislation does not count for me or even you

Gone is the last remnants of feigned democracy
Those speakers of hate found full of hypocrisy
Only the rich have any real hope of survival
Our establishments immorality so hard to rival

Disabled and the ill are vilified in censored press
Even searching on line for truth has become useless
Your given stories your expected to just believe
Yesterday’s news rewritten to continue to deceive

How can you hope to know whats truly going on
When all of society’ morality has finally really gone
All of this is to keep the poor in a subservient place
To doff their flat caps and if it please your grace

What is the point of being rich if no one is poor
There has to be both its just the natural law
Life cannot ever be completely honest or fair
Its not the aristocratic nature ever to share

They continue to strip the assets we own
Many already no longer have a safe home
You may manage for a little while longer
Its only their greed that ever grows stronger



10 Downing Street.                                         XX Wxxxxxxx rd
Westminster.                                                              Gxxxxxxxx
London.                                                                      Chesterfield

Dear Mrs May,
I am writing as your employer to inform you that we are terminating your contract forthwith.
This is with immediate effect due to issues of gross misconduct. You have misrepresented yourself and given that you have not been given mandate in regard to your assumed post you must relinquish all title and position.
You may leave the keys to the company house and your offices with the police officer outside your front door.
You also are now likely to be subject to police investigation as to your actions in rewarding national government contracts to a company your husband has represented and holds significant shares in. It is also apparent you have awarded the same company assets at way below the market value that belonged not to you but to the people of the UK.
If you are prosecuted and found guilty we the people will push for a significant custodial sentence.
It is demanded that there be an immediate and fair general election overseen by the United Nations. The current firm that undertakes the role having been found to be owned by Conservative Party politicians, donors and Members.

Simon Jones
Citizen of the United Kingdom

Wednesday’s worry

Every day I see more immorality and depravity coming from sadly no longer just the Tory government but all sides of the ‘pro-Establishment’ camp.
Sustaining Poverty is a badge of honour to these low life scum. They are doing all they can to ensure the poor remain so. To treat those without education, without good health and those without materialistic or financial wealth as playthings.
You are just a community chest card in their big game. You are the ‘pay each player £200’ card. You are not important to them. Your life means nothing to them. 4,000 already have died due to benefit sanctions. But can you see them stopping sanctioning people? No in fact they are now sanctioning more for less.
The NHS is paid for by us, but now its being privatised piece by piece.
All the things that were good for the ‘people’ are being stripped to make profits for the corrupt that are now completely in control.
Every day I feel anger, even fury at the injustice, but so many of you are totally oblivious.
You read the papers and watch the news, that’s your truth. Guess again. They do not tell you the truth. If your being conned do you just expect the conman to co come clean and tell you what they are doing to strip you clean? Do you give them the power to choose whether the police investigate or courts convict? No? Well you are doing right now.
Look around. Look at those cctv cameras, how often do they solve crime? Rarely but that’s not their role. They are there to monitor you. To ensure you are kept in your place. They can issue fines for speeding, bus lane violations but don’t have a chance of finding who robbed you of your purse, stole your car or bike.
Most, but not all of you are totally oblivious to the control these people have on your lives. The power they hold over you. They put charges on you for the environment but then have personal jets for their political leaders. They say law is for all but then remove legal aid and increase fees to apply to court.
Are you truly so blind?
I really want to shake the country (as in by the shoulders) and show you all the reality. It feels like living in a B-movie where the majority of the population are under the hypnotic influence of some evil despotic cult and only a few of us see it.
Take the time today to really look at what chances, what freedoms, what truths you have. Don’t just watch the news, research it. One day out of your lives. That’s all I ask. Please please see things as they really are. Wake up Britain, the poor, the ill, the disabled are not your enemy. Those that vilify them are.

Tuesdays thoughts

Well sat here in the Market Square in Mansfield. A favourite haunt of Vile EDL leaders (but also where the local people like to run them out of). I sit eating a sparse but tasty lunch from the Pound Bakery, cobb and bottle of diet pop for £2. My treat to myself. I am looking directly at the little but busy market and the shops that surround it. Given that in the UK we seem now to have more homeless than at any time since the cessation of world war two, there are a lot of shops with potential accommodation above it that at least from my spot does not seem to even being used for storage.
I have to ask myself why society would prefer to have its poorest die in poverty on the streets than open up unused spaces to provide at least basic accommodation. Safe places for our most vulnerable.
It truly upsets me that we cant be allowed to seek simple solutions to such issues.

Its those that have nothing that I despair over. I saw a lad in his twenties yesterday with a sleeping bag, the clothes he sat in and a big coat. Nothing else. He was not begging or asking for anything. No intimidation, not trying for sympathy. He just was. That truly got to me. Why do we have this level of poverty in the fourth richest country in the world? Where we have multi billionaires. When I was a kid billion was not even a real number. Trillion did not exist. Yet now we have individuals that rich but others so poor they die of starvation and hypothermia. Is that not vile?

We truly have to change our world. Its our responsibility, yes yours too. You need to start thinking how now!!!

Mansfield Marketplace


Future’s future

Well folkies today is tad hazy as very tired, so if I ramble on I would just like to say sor……ner tough haha.
I do not have all the answers to this at times foul world we live in. No meaning of life, or where we have come from. I do not know your god or gods. I only have my life experience, my limited knowledge, my views, what little wisdom I have acquired and a spattering of what I hope is common sense.
I live by my own morality which at times may be flawed at best. But the thing is I care. I care for my children, my family, my friends, their children, their families and friends. I try to care for all human life.
Sometimes caring is hard, especially when people all have their own failings. We all do. Ignorance, arrogance, greed, envy and a hunger for money, materialism and power.
I am not immune to these traits. I actually crave recognition, achievement and respect but not from others so much but from myself.
My worst but also at times best characteristic though is anger, the most destructive force for many but often a necessary emotion to motivate individuals and entire nations to fight for and sustain change.
We as q nation now truly need to get angry. We need to focus that anger upon the true enemies of fairness, justice, opportunity, equality, morality, honesty, integrity, enemies of our freedoms and even our life.
Are real enemies are not identified by colour, race, culture or religion. They are not standing under a foreign flag, they often do not speak a different language. Our enemies are simply rich and powerful versions of ourselves.
Their morality however is so far removed from our own. To them the only lives that matter are the ones of their monetary peers. They see us as entertainment, as oafish, as rough, uncouth. To them we are a necessary evil to ensure their inflated station in society.
They have no understanding of our lives. They do not need to go into a shop and choose between eating and buying say underwear or socks for our kids. They do not need to abstain from food so the rest of our family will be fed.
These people have no interest in whether you live or die. The National Health Service is just a pointless drain on the ‘public purse’ a missed opportunity for them to amass more profit from you and I.
These people have little integrity, robbing from all comers, betting with your money, then when they lose making you pay the shortfall whilst awarding themselves bigger bonuses.
These people abuse our children, sexually, physically and even it is suggested have killed them for their own perverse pleasure, but when society insists they are investigated, they just change the laws and ‘lose’ evidence.
Why do we accept them? Are they better at running our country? If so then we must be totally inept.
The next few months or years are likely to be key for us, for our children, their children and our nation. Our future is being decided now. We are at war.
The Establishment are preparing for war against Russia now, but that is to divert our ire from them. They realise even if we as yet do not that if we now join together and stand firm we are likely to overthrow their power base. To prevent this the literally will be prepared to take the world into a way only the elitist super rich with their bunkers and resources will have any chance of surviving.
By doing nothing you likely are sealing our fates.
The only way we the many will ultimately survive death and even extinction is to see the true enemy, to focus that anger upon them and to stand firm, to stand together.
At the moment we can do this by supporting the growing socialist movement, but soon that may not be an option, soon if we chose to do nothing now we may only have the option of spilling our very life blood.
So your choice, carry on as sheep until its too late or get savvy now, get focussed and get Fighting for the Future, for OUR future.


What is money? Is it even real? Surely its important? Its what we earn isnt it? It makes us free? Makes our lives better? Gives us more choice?
Ok well lets start at the beginning. Before money there was barter. Barter was swapping goods, work, skills and even knowledge for whatever you needed at the time. All societies began with barter.
Once people began using this form of economics the local chieftains would realise that they could demand more from people than others. They could by use of force, threat, fear, status or even through respect expect their clan, tribe or village demand off others, their subjugated or as we even see ourselves today subjects.
At some point in pre history some bright spark took a liking to precious metals, gold, silver even forms of copper. Around the same time jewels such as diamonds, ruby….well you get the idea.
So barter evolved into trade, goods for gold if you were lucky. Diamonds for deeds. Silver for service.
Now carrying around gold for instance was a job in itself, you rarely would trust it to others so soon the wealthiest either looked like Arnie (not a great look if you were wanting to marry a prince) or were constantly shattered and bent over so much all the could see was their feet. It was around this point some bright spark invented shoe polish, to enable the rich to see a reflection of the sky.
So a blokey (or more likely his missus coz them of the fairer sex hated shopping day at this point. Going out with bags weighing a ton to come back with sack cloth n tatties) decided if they put the rulers head on a smaller bit of gold with a number, and maybe silver with a smaller number and copper with the smallest number they could carry a small purse instead of a huge satchel. Thus the handbag was invented and with it came the birth of currency.
Now this worked for a while but when tribes, clans and villages became countries the boss guys and gals found if they wanted to buy stuff from abroad and couldn’t be bothered invading places like China they needed huge ships to carry the coins and still needed to send jewels and gold stuff too as the Chinese didn’t always like looking at the heads of other rulers unless they were on spikes (a fashion world wide in them days).
These huge ships often ended up being chased by pirates (water born robbers but with stunning dress sense, dandy flare, and able to hold full conversations by just one word….Arrr). It was then that again Mrs Boss came up with the idea of paper money. It was easier to make, lots smaller and far lighter. The ships then could be smaller and faster. And best of all if you made a promise (especially if you were English coz us lot always keep our word don’t we guv?) to pay the bearer (the dude or dudette holding the note) then you could just pretend you had lots of gold and stuff. The big boss realised this first so it was his or her heads on painted on the notes.
Nowadays yer don’t even need to pretend to have the gold. You just have to have a bank say you have. You don’t need to carry your money just a card or even you phone.
So that’s money. A promise. And when countries run short of money they say they have more. This works until they are found out then the other countries wont take their promises coz they been found out to be fibbers.
Now in each society there are lots of peeps with little or no money, but then there’s one in a hundred with stacks.
So is money real? Nope not really. Its a promise which may be true but likely is a lie.
Is money important? Only whilst we believe in the promise. If suddenly we don’t then we end up generally going back to barter until some charismatic or scary person manages to con us into pretending to believe again.
Is it what we ‘earn’? In some ways yes, but only because its all that is usually on offer. I actually would work far harder if someone gave me a big busty blonde but then that’s slavery and not only illegal and immoral but a subject all of its own for another night.
So does money make us free? No it truly does not. Money we are told is good, but what we are not told is money is actually more of a shackle than can ever be made out of iron chains. Once we agree a rate for our labour, skill, art or knowledge we have to continue to work for that amount. If we do or are seen to do wrong we are often fined. All the money we earn is taxed several times before and after we receive it. For instance you earn £10. That’s a promise of ten pounds of silver as we work on sterling rather than gold as a rule in Britain or ten promises of equivalent value. (you won’t get ten pounds of silver for a ten pound note though). £2 of that ten is taken in income tax. Then you pay say another £2 in national insurance (another tax as the policy keeps losing value). So you have £6. You buy two pints of beer. The beer has VAT value added tax of say 20%. So your beers cost £3 each. 60 pence of each £3 is VAT. Then you pay tax on the beer itself. Another 90 pence. So far half the cost of your beer is tax. Then the landlord of the pub pays his income tax, the dreymen pay their income tax, the brewers pay income and corporation tax unless they are American owned or the proprietor is a super rich blonde bearded goblin that cannot ride a bike, in which case they pay nothing. If we were bartering that beer would have cost us a few minutes of time but likely now its cost far more. We get less in money than we probably would without.
Yes we do have more choice with money in so much as we can split the result of our toil, paying a bit here and a bit there. Bit it also gives the rulers or the ‘Establishment’ more ways of getting our skills from us for less.
Why do people work for it? Because our society is controlled by the ‘Establisment’ those that have lots of money and power. We buy into it because they tell us to. Having more money means your choices open up new horizons. You can bribe, threaten, reward and even pay for people to be killed.
Money these days to many is allowing them to exist, not giving them choices. When you are on low pay or no pay then your options are limited. This keeps you in your place. It removes your power.
I prefer the dream a society where we care more for people than for money. Where we all have a decent standard of living with no need to worry about whether we can feed ourselves or our children, whether we still will have a home tomorrow.
A society where people are not applauded for greed. Where we respect deeds more than numbers.
Can it happen? You tell me, I am no more wise or intelligent than you, I do not hold all the answers. All I do is think, try to see the world as it really is. If I find an answer I will share it, but if you think hard enough you may just find it before me.
By the way if your confused good, think I have confused myself. But it is 2am and bloody hot!!!
All I ask is start to think. Think about anything. About money, society, the future, the past. Ask yourself questions and look for the answers. They do not need to be right. Just searched for. If you do this a whole new world of realisation opens up and is far more entertaining and yes frustrating than any soap. So give it a go. Then if you fancy share it with me and if you so wish the world.

Saddle tramp

Well home now and early night. Lovely day just tramping about the peaks on my saddle. Lots of memories remembered, a nice one made. Only stress was some pratty kid in a little silver car coming out of Bradwell decided that killing me was a better idea than him losing face. Think he wet himself when he realised that he had pissed a grown up off. Never seen such a look of fear when I pulled up in front of him. Not such a big boy now and maybe will not dick around with bikes again? Anyway no threats just a look.
Other than that most people driving well. Odd 4×4 driver that does not believe bikes are allowed to filter and its their holy role to pull out and deliberately block our path. Not good idea. Read the highway code.
But that was rare. Weather cool enough for leathers. I am liking my new beard as When wearing helmet hides the triple chins. The bigger bike jacket gives the impression I am stocky not just chubby due to meds n inactivity. So almost felt confident for a while. Friendly face or two in Castleton and met Donna (was Delaney) in Tidza so munched over few memories in the street.
Ended up at folks for a chinese takeaway. Finally landed home. Fish, frogs fed an Gayle the gecko chatted to.
Lets hope dont pay too much a price tomorrow. Well bed calling. See yer all after the dark has gone away.

Tideswell from the Pot Market 


This is the second time I am writing this. My phone decided to crash and I lost it all once. But here goes.

Lets consider what free means. I mean today I had email from Pizza Hut offering me free food. A free lunch? Nope sadly not quite. What they were offering was this:
1. Download our fab new App
2. Rock up to a Pizza Hut Restaurant
3. Show us your App ID
4. Eat yummy food
5. Earn App points
6. Use points for more yummy food
Well actually free means no charge, but effectively by earning their points which I need to use I am buying the food but using their own defined currency.
So nope not free. If but it were. If there was free food life would be so much easier for so many of us.
We all accept there are no free cars, free food, free holidays or infact usually free anything.
I am currently sat writing this in the picturesque Peak District village of Castleton. Its teeming with tourists and the weather is brilliant. I can look up on the weathered stone remains of Peveril Castle, once the main administration centre of the Peak District and I am yards from Winnats Pass. A historical piece of road once renowned for Highway men and thieves. Maybe even the true hunting ground of the ‘real’ Robin Hood if he did indeed exist beyond legend and fable.
As I sit here in this beautiful setting, a breeze almost disturbing the still of green leaved branches I consider are we free?
Even here however you cannot escape CCTV, both in the shops and likely upon the streets. Carefully hidden maybe so as not to interfere with the natural beauty that encourages the purse strings of the tourist class remain a regular feature and very loose.
Consider this. We live in the UK. We are brought up to believe we are ‘free’. We have no chains and are only imprisoned if we do wrong. To some degree that’s correct. However what is ‘wrong’ and who decides? We live under rule of law. Law is supposed to apply to all .with no exception. We are always told ‘no one is above the law’. Sadly it seems that is empty rhetoric and completely untrue.
Our country in fact has more legislation (laws) governing ‘our’ conduct than anywhere else in the world. We used to have legal aid to ensure we all have recourse to legal representation but now we rarely do. For the likes of me or you to get a case into court the cost would be beyond our means. Even to ensure access to our own children when the other parent stops it.
We have conviction without trial which is unheard of in almost every culture.this is achieved through fixed penalty notices, and cautions both of which are seen as admission of guilt and are recorded upon your criminal record. They are not a case of ‘getting off’ as people often see it. They can stop you getting work, having access to vulnerable people, holding public office and even travelling.
The level of surveillance is more per head than any other country. With face recognition tech you can be tracked from one end of the UK to the other by the ‘security’ services. Lets digress for one moment. Whose security do they ensure? Yours? Mine? No sadly they only endeavour to keep members of the ‘establishment’ safe. The Royals, the aristocracy, the gentry and now the ‘super rich’. You are not their priority. In fact you are seen as part of the problem. Possibly not as much as I at times but definitely in some way.
Free thought then? Nope. Well yes you can think what you like but cannot voice it without risk of consequence. The recent behaviour of officers and officials of the Labour Party have highlighted this all too well. Suspending members, removing their voice and vote and even throwing them out of the party. The reasons often given is that those said officials have not agreed with a view the person has shared with others on social media.
I also know people that have been sacked or even arrested for what they have posted.

I have now moved on to Tideswell, the village with ‘The Cathedral of the Peak. I still find myself contemplating free.
So what freedoms do we have? In truth very little. Our options and choices are governed by how much money we have. Money is not only a token for choice but an indicator of how free you truly are. The more money the less restriction upon your options, upon your freedoms.
Is that acceptable? Not to me. I want to live in that world I was told as a child I did. I want to know life is more important than money. That we all have rights and are all free. Dont you?