Statement of purpose

Ok folks. I spent the eighties fighting for my beliefs, I stood by the miners, was in Warrington against Mr Shah’s vile treatment of the printworkers, on the demos in London for Mining communities, Peace marches and other equally as important issues. I was a member of various socialist, peace and anti hate organisations. One of the fights I am still proud of was our actions against apartheid in South Africa. We initially tried to reason with and put social pressure on companies in the UK that supported and invested in that vile, racist and oppressive regime.
Eventually more direct action was also taken by certain folk, I will not comment on whether I was involved or not in this.
The years since apartheid have not been easy for any in South Africa but they have been moving away from subjugation of the indigenous population. It is still far from perfect and there is hostility and violence still from extremists on both sides of the spectrum. It likely will be many years until a complete peace and fairness arrives within the region, but the seeds are sewn and things are improving.
Today however even more injustice is happening in our world, the hate in Europe is being fuelled by financial and social poverty in even the most affluent of countries, the UK being one. We have a corrupt government and a greedy establishment that are stripping our nation, removing rights and stealing our long given safety nets, the NHS, the entitlements of ‘benefits’ (not benefits at all, we put in to a insurance system, paying premiums in NI contributions and tax, that now we are told in many cases no longer covers us when needed), the theft of our social housing, and in some ways more importantly our ability and right to challenge in the Law Courts, no legal access means no voice!
We now have an uncertain political future with Brexit, meaning that the current government are using this chaos to feather their own nests at the cost of our and our children’s future.
The international situation is no better, the USA moving from a liberal political landscape to one bordering on Neo Natzism, with a President that not only is misogynist but also actively promoting racial and cultural hatred.
The Middle East, well now its far less stable due the intervention of The US and UK. We collude with tyrannical regimes such as the Saudis, not only trading with them with Arms but even providing them with ‘retired’ military advisers in their campaigns against undefended civilians.
In Palestine too we have a political situation that is not only using force to subjugate a culture, and race, but now it seems is intent upon eradicating the Palestinian people. When folk speak out against the Murder, Torture and genocide they are called by members and indeed officials our own government, press and even political party, anti semitic.
Can I just say if I heard or read anyone calling someone for being Jewish or promoting hate against the Jewish people I would challenge them, if I saw someone being attacked physically for being Jewish I would put my self between them and the aggressor, whatever the cost or risk to me. However in my view, my morality, challenging a government for war crimes, breaches of international human rights and even the UN convention that gives us all the right to life is not racist, not discriminatory but is challenging an authority for abusing their power over others.
I would and do challenge these types of abuses whichever government including our own.
So if I believe the Israeli Government or forces are acting illegally, immorally or against the interests of humanity I will say so and stand by my words, if I feel the need to demonstrate I shall do so, if I believe that action not apathy is required I vow to take it. I will not be directed, bullied or forced into standing aside when I see issues that require challenge.
I am not a hater, I hate no one for their differences to me or anyone else, I judge people and governments by their own behaviours and actions. I no more support a wall on the West Bank than one between the US and Mexico or the UK and Europe.
I support no imperialist domination, whether culturally, financially or by physical invasion and oppression.
This is my position statement on our current world political climate.
Do not try to silence me, for if you do I will become far louder, my one voice shall become many. Attempt to silence my friends, my fellow humanity, my moral equals then I add my voice, my strength to theirs.

As always feel free to share.


I wish I was the hero from the pages of a fabulous book
Changing the world with one huge wonderful adventure
But instead I am watching our country being run by a crook
In a society now decaying from a cultural mass dementia

My promise

If you are set on trying to split, divide and destroy the left of the Labour Party and the socialist movement stroll on. I am a socialist, I support Red Labour, I welcome the support Momentum has brought to the Party and I am very pro union (when they are not being run by corrupt bought leaders). The Union movement gave inception to the Labour Party, which is the only Party that promotes and supports the rights of the Working Class, the Disabled and the Unwaged.
If we are to end the neo fascist corrupt tyranny we currently are scarcely surviving under we need a United Socialist Labour Movement.
Remember folks the Tories, Lib Dems, and Blue Labour/New Labour pay trolls to spread lies and disseminate fake news. When you read about divisions within the left it is worth checking before you believe or worse share.
I am tired of propaganda and lies, am tired of corruption and being made to have no voice through censorship, misrepresentation and bullying.
This climate in the uk is changing me drastically. I am becoming someone that will no longer respect imposed boundaries and will fight to my last breath and beyond where I see injustice, nationally, internationally but also locally, and I mean my last breath if required.
I live a life of constant pain. Never a day or minute without it. Some levels I live with, others I would gladly tear my limbs of if it were to abate. I live with that pain, but refuse to live in anguish, in fear and as not only second class (or under class) to many but ‘scum’ to far more.
This society sees the weakened and vulnerable as fair game. Folks pissing on the homeless, attacking the disabled (including me on now four occasions). I will not live in such a country, where people are hated for their dress, the colour of their skin, their gender, their sexuality, their culture, their family, ability, or even individuality.
I will fight hate with strength, with anger, with intelligence and if need be with my life. I will stand by those who stand with me. I will stand for those who cannot. I will use my compassion and my fists to keep others safe. Will give my food, warmth and blood to safe folk from harm. For this is who I am. Who I always have been. My body may be weak but my resolve is not.
Yes I am up and down in health and often mood but never my morality.
I am not perfect nor exemplary, I am the same as so many of you my friends. If we stand firm we shall win. And if not at the election box, given the latest election corruption devised by those in power, then on the streets, using our power of protest, of strikes, of action. The barricades of history will be staffed by us, our nation, our future. We shall win.
Jonesy Jones

A new way forward?

Right folks another rant about making public servants, council and government officers (including councillors and members of parliament, judges, police officers and civil servants such as DWP and Job Centre Workers culpable whenever they fall short, they are lazy, they bully or are aggressive, they cover up corruption, commit fraud or other offences, promote their own, friends or family interests beyond those of the public, or fail in their legal and moral duties.
I am not suggesting harassing those folk that do their utmost in the current climate of cuts due to the falsehoods and lies of HMG’s Austerity measures.
Its absolutely fine and right that we fight for regime change, to end this corruptive government, this in fact is imperative, however without consequence and culpability even with a dedicated and honest leader and a few more MP’s that truly prioritise their constituents there is little likelyhood of any real change.
Let’s look at Local, District and County Councils for example. A council may be made up of majority of councillors for Labour, Lib Dem or Conservatives. Many Councillors take on the role to aid their local communities and may be passionate about issues close to themselves. However when the issue is for a bordering locality they may be susceptible to the influence of other shall we say promises. I personally knew a building inspector years ago with a cabinet full of single malts that were gifted to him by shall we say satisfied customers?
I also know of instances where child protection social workers have based an assessment upon the word of mum and only seeing the living room, never consulting other agencies, checking out sleeping arrangements, or even if there is food in a kitchen, then managers backing them up despite the child living with ongoing significant risk. I was a social work manager in Child Protection so can tell you this is very dangerous practice and can and will fail to safeguard children (our future).
We live in a country where even the United Nations has decided our government are in breach of basic international human rights laws. In years gone by we would have sanctioned or even invaded other countries for less.
We have a police force that I agree is overstretched but more worrying is staffed with people that have no commitment to the civil population. That allow themselves to be used as tools to keep us from demonstrating against issues that are morally and often legally wrong. They support and shore up a corrupt establishment, picking and choosing to blindly follow their often illegal orders over protecting the weak, vulnerable, disabled, honest, waged and unwaged of our society.
We have an NHS understaffed with medics, ambulance staff, domestic staff or porters but overstaffed by bureaucratic middle and senior management, who often have roles that are designed to make decisions that provide money to private companies and hedgefunds owned by the so called ‘ruling class’.
We have ombudsman services designed to distract us from gaining any real recourse when failed by services or individuals.
Our MP’s now are that ‘above the law’ that when they have been accused of child abuse, child murder, fraud, election fraud, or even treason, they just direct the police not to investigate or change the law. They admit to losing files of those accused that are within their own circles without consequence, even the PM herself.
These are the sort of issues we need to investigate and prosecute. The problem is in our society the public no longer have any recourse to the judicial system due to this governments removal of Legal Aid in most circumstances, and increases in applying to the courts.
What I believe we need to do is set up a NGO, Non Governmental Organisation to fight these issues for us all. Unlike CAB that have few true experts we look to voluntarily staff the organisation with retired, medically retired and disenfranchised professionals who are actually experts in their own fields. These may be solicitors, social workers, teachers, doctors, nurses, council officers, councillors, MP’s, administrators, even judges. People with morality and integrity that want to give something back to the people and challenge wrong doing that at best seeks to subjugate us and at worse slaughter the most vulnerable through ‘austerity cuts’ to services and entitlements (hate the term benefits).
So the point of this post is to ask you all to consider if you or someone you may know would be interested in helping set something like this up?
It is a huge undertaking, but if successful may change more lives than we expect for the better, and it just possible society itself.
Please get in touch,