As children did you expect the future to look like this? Its like the storyline to an early version of mad max. The run up to an apocalyptic event. The leaders (if we accept that is what they are) have gone mad. We the people have allowed greedy corrupt fascists and Nazi’s into positions of power. We worry about religious extremists but ignored the ones that only worship money and power.
We the worlds population seriously are nearing (if not already reached) the time to decide whether we allow these vile excuses to continue on a path to either our enslavement or destruction.
I know, I know I sound like I am delusional, but am I really? Is this world currently any more settled than when Germany, Stalin, Hirohito, Mussolini took power. Is Trump any different? Are the actions of May? Vilifying the vulnerable, the sick, the disabled, the poor? Focussing the media (propaganda machine) upon hate and distrust? Instead of jews we blame Muslims, see them as the enemy.
Ah but we don’t have concentration camps do we? We did have Sangatte though. A place where we allowed men, women and children to live in abject poverty. We also have detention centres, where people, human beings are held indefinitely in not very pleasant conditions.
There is a difference however between Hitler’s Reich and our world. Hitler invested in the infra structure of Germany, our government only invest in their own pockets. (no not saying Hitler was good in any way but his corruption differed from that of May’s Tories, his lust was for his future vision, an ethnically cleansed world with no disabled, no sick, no ‘sub humans – as he saw anyone that was not aryan, May and cronies only want money and power. All this suffering to line their pockets) Trump is even more scary. Trump is a mentally ill man with a god complex. He truly believes all his hate.
I absolutely despair that we have let it get like this. I feel powerless, however if by some miracle we unite, we stand up to this fascism, we could stop it. We could win. But sadly I believe the majority will continue to bury their heads in the sand.


Do you hate your mum for being ill? Your dad for retiring? Your brother for losing his job? Your cousin because her dad is Jewish? Your aunt because she is gay? Your uncle for being disabled? Your grandson because he married an Asian woman? Your granddaughter because she had a child out of wedlock?
Well according to Jeremy Kyle, Benefits Britain, The Sun, The Daily Mail, Sky, the BBC and the government you should.
Open your eyes Britain. See what is really happening.

My bio

Lol just tried the new bio out on facebook. Erm its a tad brief… so decided to write it here instead.
Ok so who am I? I am Jonesy, Simon, and Trikerpoet. I am a dad of two, both of whom are my entire reason for being. I am currently someone that tends to communicate through facebook rather than face to face. This is because often am too immobile to get about to see folks. I also am over sensitive so feel if I do visit, that I am putting on people.
I may often seem depressed or even angry (I shout loudly at what I see as injustice but am never violent), but this is on the whole due to me still refusing to come to terms with the changes to my life through bloody illness. Three years ago it got to the point I had to give up work. Since then it is to me like living in a state of limbo. I am desperate to get back to work, to regain my self worth, self respect, and be of value. I know that is not how others may see things but its my personal view of this part of my journey.
I write all sorts of stuff but lose focus quickly.
I am very political and see myself as a socialist and a humane human. I value others and want a fairer and more equal world (oooh sound like a beauty contest applicant).
If I hate anything it is hate itself, oh and corruption.
I do have physically good days, but of late they are few and far between. On these ‘good days’ you do not know I am ill. I forget that I am. But sadly I then tend to overdo things.
I do however have the body of an adonis and chiseled good looks (ok was worth a try).
Along with writing, politics, playing the guitar (very badly), Motorbikes are my passion.
I love shopping and hate football. Love to cook but have to remember to turn off cooker.
I have my Geko – Gayle, and my fish as company.
If I were to describe myself in a sentence… ‘cantankerous, miserable, self righteous, old git’ comes damn close.
What do I miss? Well my friends, my job, my freedom, my kids. Not so much in that order.
What do I personally want in life? A role. Simple.
So anyway this is me as I see me. I do get morose but also laugh. I do feel isolated but sometimes that’s good too.
This is but one chapter. The book is ongoing. Hopefully many more pages until the end.

Political groups

Political groups:
Of late most political groups I have previously posted in have been full of people with opposing views of the groups description. Mainly left wing or pro Corbyn groups. There are many ‘people’ posting with a view to cause dissent. When I post the responses aggressive or arrogantly opposed.
At first I thought this was how the left behaved towards each other, however it seems not. It appears that ‘trolls’ are not just individuals that like to cause an argument but that the vast majority are actually paid by organisations and even companies funded by the ‘Establishment’ (not some fabled lizard people, but the real people that control and govern behind the scenes), and even by a morally corrupt former war monger of a Prime Minister (no names eh? But all I can say is Bleugh).
It seems that these ‘trolls’ are paid to cause anger, to wind us up, and to undermine the socialist political force that continues to grow in the UK. The Establishment and Mr Bleugh (a full fledged member of the Establishment) are scared that if we unite then they will lose their power base. They spend millions upon millions to ensure this does not happen.
Much of the discredited ‘fake news’ is published by them to be found out, to lay blame upon the people. The horrible comments also are often their work. Their profiles look genuine often. Some are obvious, no profile pic and few friends, however many now are far more sophisticated. Some even cloned accounts of real people.
Most of the time the majority of their posts will seem reasonable, but then like a slithering hunter they lay amongst the grass ready to strike a fatal blow.
These vile low life aim to not only discredit us but also try to get us to feel so undermined that we even close our accounts or at least stop posting.
It is absolutely bullying, but by design, a form of mercenary, but killing free speech and unity.
These tactics undermine democracy. They should be directly covered by legislation, but that’s not in the Establishments interest. So even if you could identify these scum or prove who was funding them, the most you likely would achieve is a facebook ban for one of their fake profiles. No court will convict, for in effect unless you can prove ‘cyber bullying’ on a personal level no law is being broken. Anyone can be anybody on facebook or any online space.
So next time you see a meme that is far fetched, an article that is untrue, or someone makes you feel an idiot, think on. Who is behind it?
This is not a conspiracy theory, sadly, it is the oh too real thing.
And remember, once you write it online, it stays online.


I know we all have pressing things in our lives. I for one am useless with money and keeping on top of things. Now more so as lost all my concentration too.
I get that politics is boring. I understand that to most it may not seem to matter who the US President is.
I see why few really care who our prime minister is.
But sadly it does matter. Every stress you have in your life likely has roots in politics.
Worried about your job? Well this government is trying to take all the rights from employees. Soon zero hour contracts will likely be the norm. Minimum wage removed, working week extended.
Worried about your mum, dad, son or daughter’s health? This government are trying to sell off the NHS. Soon if they get their way you will have to pay for health insurance. The more you pay the better your treatment. Health for wealth.
Concerned about your benefits? Well this government are looking at more ways to get folk off benefits. Not by additional support, but by sanctions and making it impossible to claim.
Worried about world peace? Teresa May and her cronies are allying with the most brutal regimes on earth. Saudi, Turkey and sadly with Trumps torture policies the USA. We truly are now friends with the devil.
Crime? Well May is privatising police forces and child protection social work. G4 (owned by the hedge fund owned by Mr May) are tendering.
Freedom? Tories wanted snoopers charter.
These and every other aspect of your lives are governed by politics. So to say ‘it bores me’ or ‘I am not interested’ lets yourself and everyone else down.
Its easy too. Labour for the majority, the workers, unemployed, sick and disabled, the Tories (Conservatives) to make the rich richer and to steal from you.
Lib Dem’s for whatever they feel like at the time.
UKIP …. don’t get me started, but want to sell off the NHS and make Trump president of UK too. It seems.
The choice is yours. But try never to say ‘ it doesn’t affect me’ because it bloody does.